Future of forward/inverse kinematics?


I have it too. I could maybe temporarily put it on my website.


that would be awesome!!! Could you do that and then post the link here so I can download it?


(EDIT: Link Removed)

I’ll leave it up for a week, though I reserve the right to remove it if my bandwidth gets hammered. :stuck_out_tongue:


Uh…your welcome guys… :annoyed:

Hope someone grabbed it.


So is it possible to upload it to a site that works?
Would really want to see what all the fuss is all about.


Originally posted by circle frame
So is it possible to upload it to a site that works?
Would really want to see what all the fuss is all about.

moi aussi.

[mee too]


Where were you guys a week ago when I uploaded it? :shrug:

I know at least 4 people downloaded it from me, maybe they can pass it along now.


Well crap…I wasn’t around at all the last few weeks…after I posted that and I missed it!!! Crap! Thanks for posting it anyway. If anyone else is willing to post it again that would be awesome! I really wanna see it. I will be checking back more often now that I am back to work.


ill get it hosted soon hopefully.

Wigaru Wiyamoto: thanks :slight_smile:

bent: ? i thought you already worked with mirai before,… way back…


<—Wants in too.

I’de love to check out any new/different rig styles and hopefully develop some Maya solutions for it.

I have some webspace to host, but I can only do it for short stints so my allotment doesnt get chomped.




Hah, I’m a dumbass. I forgot to actually remove it from my server. May as well leave it up for those who want it:

(this is not the link your looking for)


hi all,

i just download the trial version of Sega|Animanium …

very small and easy to use software for keyframing …

there is no classical FK/IK joints… but only snaping skeletion & draging.

very powerfull but it has lots of “BUT…”

i was working on adding those features to maya using complex mel… and after i reach 70% of what i want … i realize that its waste of time to do it in mel… it should be a plugin for two reasons :

speed & custom minapulaters.

anyway i wish all maya rig people try animanium to shear the experince of this type of character control.



Hi there:

I’ve just downloaded that trial and works fine, but my computer is so slow that can´t make almost anything…, I like it and will try it at work in order to test it in depth.
I would want to save what I do in order to test the “export to MAYA” quality but…, what a pity.


I’m glad I was finally able to try it out myself. I love the simplicity of it, I think if it was a little cheaper it would perfect. I don’t know if I could ever get used to moving/rotating in screen-space only, though.


Firas > dont feel like you’ve wasted your time, lots of people code their stuff first in MEL to test their ideas out and then make a plugin out of it. This keeps them from having to recompile and bother with all that comes with coding a plugin until they know how everything works.

I’m real interested in seeing your implimentation of this. Seeing how theirs was taken from a (Tokyo University) recently finished “autonomous action simulator program for humanoid robot(s)” (algorithms dumbed down of course).

I downloaded it, but the zip file is sitting on my desktop awaiting free time.


WOW… i just got through all 9 pages of this thread. I’m glad u started it Jason!!!

VERY INTERESTING STUFF… I hope it’s not dead.

I really would love to see that Mirai Vid - ambient-whisper or Wigaru Wiyamoto -
and Keith if I would have known you had that Rig set-up when you were at Ringling, oh well
I would still Love to see that as well. I’m also working on a Rig in maya trying to set up what I I saw in the sega vid. Pinning any part of the character, this would be a dream come true for Maya users!

I’m gonna keep working at this. Hopefully this is still alive!




hi , Wigaru Wiyamoto

it seems the link to your ambient whispers video is not working. .please , I would like to have a look at this beauty … thnxx

And yes i would like something like what jason mentioned in maya and most other 3d apps:)


Its been a year since I read this post, and today I finally got the chance to try out motion builder5…and wow it is something every major company should of woken up to.

If anyone still have a that mirai video from ambient, plz let me know, email me or PM.

It would be great to have this kind of quick character setup(MB5) in a modeling app like maya, because then I could move joints around, reveal areas under armpits/abdomen to model those deformend areas, as seen in that bayraitt video

wouldn’t it be more fun to model that way…


some things are brewing in the mirai world. so when a new version is released, ill make an updated vid. ( im not sure where or if i still have Skelefun. so you guys will have to wait a bit )


err can u guve us an approximate date, ambient?would like to know please.:slight_smile: