Future of forward/inverse kinematics?



That is looking promising. I am planning to go through your rigging tutorial at DT, (it is on my list of tuts to do) and I suspect you have not stopped improving on those ideas.

So I’d definitely be interesting in a rig if you were to make it public.


He seems to have dropped off the Internet (did he get hit by a bus?) and I can’t find any sign of this stuff, except as a long DT series. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, especially without being able to try it out first. I wonder if the actual rig is in the DT project files, or if it’s just a template. Good project files should have complete data at every major step, I don’t want to pay for an account upgrade just to find out it’s just a step 1 skeleton…

My first impression looking at this is that it looks like it makes initial poses easier to make, but adjusting poses seems harder, if moving one leg causes the hip and other leg to move. You don’t want your character adjusting his center of gravity when you’re making adjustments. Seems like it would want pinning, like HIK.


Is it possible to create a full body IK soultion to our rigs like in Maya’s Human IK controler even without using HIK ?
That would give our rig more flexibility. We can map HIK to our custom rigs but ut wont create full body Ik soultions, just allows us to re-target animations.
Is there any way around it?
Cheers. Thanks in advance.


There is a constraint plugin for Maya 2018 ( exoSwitch Constraint ) that allows bidirectionality. With that there are few cool rigs that you can put together.

IK/FK switching

Complex rigs with one node

Character-props iteration

and a bunch of other cool things like this dice animation

Not sure you can do a complete full body IK but maybe can be a first step. You can download a free trial version on the Autodesk App Store