Future F1 Ferrari, Csaba Kiss (3D)


Title: Future F1 Ferrari
Name: Csaba Kiss
Country: Hungary
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Title: Future Ferrari F1
Name: Csaba Kiss
Country: Hungary
Software: 3ds max, V-ray, PhotoShop, Lightroom

Hi there! This is my new design study of a sci-fi future flying F1 car.
I didn’t focus on the reality and engineering, I prefer the shape in this project.
Environment images will coming soon :slight_smile:


I really dig this idea. Your car looks very cool. Great job! :thumbsup:


very good idea i like it but

i know this car an future added any engen an the back of the car ok all so every thing is ok

good lcuk 4 ever :thumbsup:


Your F1 Ferrari has such beautiful lines! You do great work! Keep going! :bounce:


Good design, lines are great…some propulsion engines underneath would be cool!.


Nice and interesting concept! Well done!
You should upload this to design21.hu, quality works always needed there :wink:

Keep up, and good luck fella’ !!!


nice concept, but not logic: a nowatimes f-1 car (the ones with the wheels :slight_smile: ) need the wings to stay on the track, they press the car down…

what would happen with a hovering car with such wings… crash!

but thats not important…



thank you guys for your feedbacks :slight_smile: I’m glad you like it. (more images in my portfolio) and HERE

about the wings: you’re right… but they hold the car in some distance to the ground, so their objective is to not let the car fly away :slight_smile:


Sweet aerodynamics!


…Alonso will love it…!


Nice design! :slight_smile:


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