Fusion7 - Stereo Display Bug?


Hi all,
this forum seems not to be too frequented but I decided to ask anyway…

we were stumbling across an odd behaviour in fusion 7 64Bit and also 32 Bit (build 1450 and 1457):

When you try to check your stereo images inside the viewport using “A/B Source” all viewing modes seem to work fine BUT interlaced.
In fusion6.x it worked just fine - can anybody confirm?!?

BTW, has anybody an idea where to go for a more frequented forum for fusion in general?


try to contact eyeon about this

and look here or here


Thx Michael,

for pointing me in that direction.

hadn´t heard about steakunderwater.com before.

Pigsfly.com I knew, but I wasn´t able to enter the forum as apparantly only Firefox has some problems digesting some code on the forumpage as I just found out after trying the link in your post
(I asked a coworker to try with chrome and there it was, go figure :-\ …)

So, thanks again!