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even being a member and having bought two of em they dont work here :frowning: (flash is up to date too!) does anyone have contact with chris maynard? emailed him a bunch of times…


Compositing Render Passes inside of Fusion



that’s true.


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Video Tutorials …



df is really good software!


Fusion Object Removal Techniques


Hey All,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve added another huge fusion tutorial to http://vfxhaiku.com

In-depth Node Based Compositing with Eyeon Fusion

This tutorial revolves around a shot that was created for the Open Cut 3.0 challenge that was held last year. All sorts of topics are covered from keying, particles, light-wrap, blending, colour correction, etc…

I hope you enjoy it!



This is GREAT Kert - thanks! Your MultiPass Compositing tutorial for Fusion was VERY helpful and I refer back to it quite a bit since I’m still learning Fusion. Also got the Cinema4D and Fusion tute - though I work in Lightwave it is still very useful for Fusion info.

Again - THANKS!


hei kert,
thanks for sharing your knowledge so accurate … great site, great tutorials!


Thanks All!

I’m glad you’re enjoying the tutorials!


Hey everyone.
Just posted a video tutorial showing some production use of Fusion and some techniques.
Hope you enjoy it

(a overview of the render pass creation and pipeline can be seen here:


Is there a great difference between Digital Fusion & Fusion? I’m a complete noob considering moving over from After Effects because of its integration with 3d apps (especially Lightwave) & I’m completely stumped. It took me a while to get my head around After Effects but Fusion is really comfusing me at the moment…why can’t someone create a compositing app that uses layers like Photoshop with all the blending modes etc easily at hand, layer sets, layer masks etc??? It all seems a bit long winded to me but I’m sure I’ll get it eventually.[/QUOTE]

in fusion…by using import psd command u can import a psd by separating its layers …by using a merge b/w those layers u can easily can able to change the modes…


Hello every one. I am new in fusion and I need help. I want to zoom in the flow just scrolling a mouse wheel and not using keyboard shortcut CTRL+ mouse wheel. but I can’t find where I can change this options. I’m using eyeon Fusion 6.14. thanks in advance


hi this is venkat…you have to press and hold both left and middle mouse buttons and just pan on veiw/node panes/in script pane anywahere.


Anyone got the technical know on how to select downstream/upstream nodes via python scripting? Not sure how to implement the GetConnectedOutputs() within the python env causing me a bit of grief.


Ive managed to get this to work. but it seems VERY cumbersome. There needs to be far better documentation on peyeonscript… Alot of the LUA processes dont transfer over, or at least not in obvious forms…

for t in tools:
if str(origin_tool.Output.GetConnectedInputs(1)[1.0]) == str(tools[t].Input) or
str(origin_tool.Output.GetConnectedInputs(1)[1.0]) == str(tools[t].Foreground):
print ‘success’
print origin_tool.Name, ’ is connected to ', tools[t].Name
print origin_tool.Name, ‘not connected’

So im assuming now at least I can test and get names for the objects and their connections that ill be able to recursively test objects/connections and gradually move upstream/downstream…

Seems like alot of effort for just moving across one node…


Check this cool Fusion Textbook from CADCIM Technologies, USA:


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Hello! Just excited about v7 of Fusion coming out in a week! I have done some discussions about 3D compositing and re-lighting concepts in my youtube channel. Take a look, if interested! Can’t wait to do more with v7!




Here I share Youtube Videos in which I share some of Tutorial on Fusion





You can also find Playlist of all my Tutorial on Fusion