Fusion Tutorials


Covering everything from motion graphics to film and broadcast compositing, here is my collection of Digital Fusion tutorials to share with everyone. Some are very old, some are very new. Enjoy!

Offiial tutorials and training from Eyeon:

Tutorials written by Jason Kolodziejczak (Excellent!)

V2 of the Eyeon Coursware. All the DF Flows and Quicktime movies available for download.

Scripting Examples
http://www.eyeonline.com/Web/EyeonWeb/Techniques/scripting/scripting_home.aspx (Scripting examples)

All about Macros. Samples available for download.

User contributed Flows available for download.

Tutorials and training from other resources:

Chris Maynard’s Excellent (FREE) Quicktime Tutorials for Digital Fusion. (Excellent!)

Chris Maynard’s Excellent Training DVDs for Digital Fusion.

Lee Stranahan taking you through the basics of DF/DFX+ (Quicktime) - Newtek

Digital Fusion Primer - Newtek

Tutorial Projects for Twixtor and Digital Fusion

Various Text Effects and Motion Graphics style tutorials from Digital Producer

FXGuide tutorials for Digital Fusion.

Although a bit dated this book still contains good knowledge and covers DF

Additional Resources:

For those who have a Matrox RT.X100, Canopus RT, Avid, or ATI/Nvidia you can use this plugin for reference monitor previews

Example video of Eyeon/Leitch Velocity inegration


thanks for the links.

Is there a great difference between Digital Fusion & Fusion? I’m a complete noob considering moving over from After Effects because of its integration with 3d apps (especially Lightwave) & I’m completely stumped. It took me a while to get my head around After Effects but Fusion is really comfusing me at the moment…why can’t someone create a compositing app that uses layers like Photoshop with all the blending modes etc easily at hand, layer sets, layer masks etc??? It all seems a bit long winded to me but I’m sure I’ll get it eventually.


keep posting guys
great post


Some basic introduction to DFX+5.




I forget this:


Very good introduction to Digita Fusion 4 by Fred Pienkos.

Quote “…Digital Fusion 4 is eyeon’s flagship product and marks the ninth major release of this powerful compositor, and with the release of Fusion 5 later this year, extreme care and planning went into this introduction to fusion to cover topics that all transfer through to the new version, so you can hit the ground running with the basic knowledge of Fusions workflow when Fusion 5 is finally released…”


man i don’t know what may i say but that’s really pretty good
that websites is really important
i’ve been working with adope after Fx since ver 2.0 and he’s began boring very much
thank’s for all that tutorial


Nope…they just dropped the “digital” from the name in the current release. That way they could just call it Fu5–:slight_smile:


Ohhh BS Whelkn you know better:D


Stay with After Effects


Seriously, After Effects is good at what it does but after using nodes (shake, or Fusion) it makes you hate layers. AE has it’s place though eh?


You can’t have a decent idea of what is going on when reading layers that have 5 entries for examples. With nodes it’s crystal clear.


im a new to this compositing field so pls gide me how to remove the spills of the shot and plz guide me the tutorial sites of keying i am waiting 4r ur repley…bye


I’m recording a quick tutorial about 3D operators in Fusion to recreate basically the clouds flyby. Check the flyby video and get the tutorial soon at http://www.onickz.com/fusion


I can wayt to see that:)


hella yeah thanx for the tuts
Someone told me shake is nowadays only for mac? is that true?


there hasnt been a windows version of shake for the last 4 years or so. It’s still available on linux though


wow. not for 4 years. Ok I understand that Mac is stable and everything, but… why stopping on bringing it out on Windows. Surely it didn’t sell that bad?


I honestly would buy it if they made for Windows. It;s like $250? or so for Mac right? I think that’s way below than reasonable price. Are they totally discontinuing or is another company goiing to pick up and make it under their brand name?



those cmiVFX Tutorials don’t work anymore. Does anyone know what happened?


You need to go here:


Click on the “player” button in the top right corner.

Register (it’s free)

Then login:)