FurryBall 4 - new speed compare (unbiased rendering) V-RAY, Iray, Mental ray, Arnold


again… nice render times… but could you post also your CPU configuration? I think its also very important to compare with other render times. thanks!


i7 3930K stock speed


I have an i7 3930K running at stock speeds as well. However I don’t think it has a big impact on the render times when using Redshift. CPU does play a role when rendering with Redshift, but it’s a very very small role in most cases. You will probably get similar render times even with much cheaper CPU:s.

I did a test with this benchmark scene. The idle CPU usage was between 0-5% and during rendering it was between 8-20%. Average was probably around 12-13%. I could do a more precise test and close chrome and other apps, but I think this gives a pretty good idea.


FurryBall 4.6 test - illuminated only by HDRI, brute force - 10min render time on Titan. (Max ray intensity parameter used for reduce noise).
2000 rays.



Can you post the scene in 3dsmax for comparison?


or share scene for reproduction in other engines as well?


It’s just few balls, toroid and plane and HDRI map - 10 min works. :wink:
It will be faster to make it yourselves ;-))


thing is to get identical scene and look for better comparison.
everything can affect, poly number, texture size/resolution etc


Mental ray reporting, 3min 45sec


Thanks for posting, but it looks like just one light bounce (not 4)…
Could you also send your CPU?


I rendered it with photons and FG, interiors should never be done with FG only. So 10 bounces, not 4.
i7 3770K@4.5Ghz

Btw. iRay wants to play also, pretty much the same result in the same time (16 minutes, as your time with iRay), but on a GTX 650, not a TITAN.


Yes, this Iray render is much more “correct” to me - your previous Mental ray render image looks little bit strange to me (no shadow under balls - specially fur, no reflection inside the red ball, almost no shadows on the walls…).
This is why I was asked about number of rays.

Your Iray render looks little bit more noisy than ours Iray render, but hard to say. There is huge differences for final tuning.

If I compare for example our two FurryBall images on top (3 min vs 9 min) the result is NOT 3x better, even NOT 2x better, but time is 3x worse… :cry:


Might be time to update the chart in the first post, a lot of it is out of date.

Also seems a little silly to compare the latest GPU to a 5 year old CPU. :rolleyes:


Thank you for sharing this amazing comparison.