FurryBall 4 - new speed compare (unbiased rendering) V-RAY, Iray, Mental ray, Arnold


thx, yes its 460gtx, well i would like to try with Titan but dont have it :slight_smile:

i used Iradiance Cache/Brute Force, i think i could make a test with 2x Titans :smiley: let u know very soon,

stay tuned


Great Bazuka - I’m looking forward your tests.
Btw, can you handle artifacts in the background of the class?
I saw, that Iradiance Cache has sometimes problem with those artifacts.


ok guys here is it :slight_smile:

1st id like to thx to my friend mirkoj :wink:

1x EVGA gtx Titan SC

2x EVGA gtx Titan SC

render is not perfect as u may notice a little blotchines in background…

let me know if u have any questions

p.s. ill try to clean the render and post the new render times



Those times are just jaw dropping! 2 x Titans would be a dream…keep em’ coming!


yea :wink:

im close to clean up the image and post new renders,

btw i forgot to answer to ur questions from previous post

to be honest im new in RedShift, still in playing mode nothing serious ;), im also a vray guy and cant wait to see vray3, i have big expectations, but will see, as far as i know vray3 should be in September :slight_smile:

as for the Redshift, well im more fore CPU solutions and algos :slight_smile: somehow i dont have trust in GPU :slight_smile:


small update with gtx460, i had switch from
Iradiance cache/BruteForce to Iradiance cache/Iradiance point cloud
and got a cleaner image with nice render time :slight_smile:

coming up with Titan’s too…

1x Titan

2x Titan

small small update

460gtx + DOF (forgot it in previous renders) :rolleyes:


Nice times and nice renders -this second method is much better.
Btw, there is no blurred reflection and DOF.
Do you support it? Because specially blurred reflection prolong our time so much.
Without blurred reflection, there is enought 1-5 rays in FurryBall, but because of blurred reflection we need more than 200-300 reflections rays.

Btw FurryBall test - Titan and 3x more rays than our previous renders


if u check my latest post ull see there is a DOF, as for the blured reflections ill make that too, if you are talking about reflection on the red(1st) ball…


could you plz post the disp map for the last ball?


ok, here it is

gtx460 DOF + Blured reflections

1x Titan

2x Titan

hope this is fine now :slight_smile:


Here is a HD :wink:

have fun
of course 2x Titan’s


p.s. best view in full resolution :wink:


Good Work!


Hey Jan, care to render that classroom scene without hair?
Redshift hair is still under development but would give us closer compare


Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Does redshift have problems with flickering in animations with that kind of renders?


as far as i know no :slight_smile:

i didnt do any animations, but here are some samples that my friend Doca did


and an example of sss done by Emilio (also check othere Emillio’s RS videos)

this one too

etc… :wink:


Thx bazuka for the links. Those are some nice vids. :beer:
Well, if your perfect classroom images are up to flickerless animations, redshift might be the new king of the hill. Will definately keep a firm eye on this one :cool:


it should be extremely easy to make it flickerless as long as geometry is not moving, only camera is.


well i could try make everything move and will see what will happen :slight_smile:


Obviously we are talking about no flickering in all kind of production scenarios and no baked fg/gi files. meaning Deforming objects, changing lights & dof whatnot… If it’s possible to render those scenes in such ridicoulus short amount of times, (which sounds to good to be true I must confess) redshift will rock.


dont say twice :slight_smile:


Man you’re giving me a chill with those claims. Hoping for a dedicated thread on photoreal redshift animations with all bells and whistles. You have 1 hour! :rolleyes: