Quoted for full agreement. :thumbsup:


That’s a good idea. I’m unfortunately working on 2gb RAM and a 1 core processor (3.2ghz), and not as much patience :p. However, I have a ton of x-mas money saved and a birthday coming up, so i’m doing a rather huge cpu upgrade this summer. That RAM thing would be wonderful.


Thought i’d post this random screengrab. I think this might actually be the longest render i’ve had yet on any fume shot (4m29s). But I guess once you actually ramp up the settings to get the detail, patience is the part that kicks in.

I find myself constantly using the preset manager so i can import bits of other fume presets i’ve made, always switchin stuff in and out. It’s a handy little feature.


looks sweet! woody posted some nice scenes quite similar to your scene grab.

gotta love presets! i´m the preset nazi :smiley: especially for flows.


Yeeeeah make them please…
Fume requires patience and kills your machine for a lot of time you could be doing something cool… but it’s worth it i guess


Simtime = sleeptime :slight_smile:

overnights the only way to go, when it takes longer than a night, pause the sim, works on something else, end of the day, reload the scene and continue the sim;)

THAT is of course assuming one ever goes to sleep:D


Definitely. Work on your sim, get it how you like it on low-quality settings. Ramp up the sim precision and quality and let it run overnight. Let simmer for a few hours, come back for wonderful results!


Oh dear double post. Looks like it really is time for me to go to bed… Too much Fume for me today.


One problem i’ve come across is that when using particles as a source the size is very dependent on the grid size that you use…hence creating some wierd issues with using low quality grids with particle sources. I find that(depending on what I need) using a lot of smaller particles as sources will work better than few with larger radii, but then I need to use a small grid size for it to work – and that kills my sim times. :slight_smile:


though i have one question : there are many plugins which do fluid stuff in 3ds max… one thing is common that all needs to run simulation to generate fluid motion from their own particle system. so is there any specific approach that fluid application uses their own particle system and needed to run simulation? Is it becoz of pflow doesn’t have operator which can simulate fluid motion or is it becoz of deflectors or spacewarps limitation?
please excuse me if this question sounds dumb!


No question is dumb! :slight_smile: There actually AREN’T very many fluid plugins for max… basically just fumefx and glu3d with realflow having an import plugin… pflow for instance does not have the dynamics solvers built in to handle particles properly/realisticly interacting between each other to mimic fluids the way glu3d or realflow does. Glu3d and Realflow use a particle based system where each particle is aware of each particle around it… Fume actually does not use particles, rather it uses a grid of voxels that have values that propagate through one another, kind of like a particle would push another one next to it in a sim like realflow: except in fume you have a voxel sending information like velocity and temperature information into the next voxel.

Generating “fluid” motion from pflow isn’t really the same as fluid dynamics when you start using space warps and such because each particle is it’s own entity unaware of the one next to it. Even using the keep apart operator and even with box3 writing an operator that can do that more accurately still isn’t the same as a fluids solver. …hopefully soon though with maybe box 2, pflow will have some of the added physics stuff (like thinking particles) but that’s a whole different topic almost.

Hope that explains it a little bit… this is a very dumbed down version, but should give a basic understanding I think. :slight_smile:


Sitni Sati Releases FumeFX 1.0a today.

Check your accounts.

Updates + two free simulation licenses.

Sitni Sati rocks!



Time for a happy dance! Couldn’t have come at a better time!


:bounce: sweeet. thanks for the heads up. not sure why i didnt get a update email or somehting


I don’t think anybody got an announcement. Looks like they added that ram usage thing though which is nice. Hopefully they add a release doc for it soon so I can see all of what was updated.



anyone having problems with this update?

I get a duplicate plugin ID error when I installed it, but I can’t seem to track down what is causing the problem (this is Max 8, and I have Dreamscape and Afterburn on the same machine)




which plugin file? …i accidentaly installed the sim only one and that caused a dup. id on my machine, so I deleted that folder (installed to a dif. folder) and installed the FULL one instead, and now it works fine.



it’s Afterworks.dlu.

Although Fusionworks also throws up an error if you keep clicking OK.

Uninstalling FFX doesn’t seem to make a difference, afterworks.dlu is still giving a duplicate ID error.

I tried the ver 9 FFX and that works great (I think it has a different installer though)

I’ve e-mailed Kresimir - hopefully we can sort it out tomorrow. Luckily I’m not doing anything at the moment that requires those plugins, and there’s always 9.

The new update certainly seems to be a lot nippier at calculation on my dual Xeon - I’d love to see it on an 8-core machine :slight_smile:

  • Steve


I remember there being some wierd issues with afterburn and dreamscape – but all updates should have fixed that, and fume should really affect either of those… unless there is actually two of the file somewhere in there. Double check all of your plugin folders (even though I’m sure you have). :slight_smile:

Yeah I noticed a speed increase, and now with the sim licenses I can sim over on a much faster computer.



yea i was testing the demo for them at work and i was getting the same issue duplicate ids. once i got it working it was fine for about a day and a half i was testing a sim it was done i had something else to do so i shut max down when i went back to max afterburn lic was totaly ****ered emails went back and forth and i needed more ab then fume so fume had to go. -Jeremy