FumeFx render times after adding light


I have a pretty basic simulation of only smoke. I am trying to render in vray. Having no lights attached to the grid the rendertimes are quick, under a minute. As soon as I attach even one light the render times spike to almost 30 minutes. I feel like Im missing a critical step to the process.

Any help is much appreciated


Switch to Progressive rendering and give it a timeframe less than 30 minutes. :wink:

Also, what are you simulating? Fluids or particles, or both? Are you using Phoenix FD? We need a lot more details to help, and renderings or screenshots as well. I’m knee-deep in Fluids and Vray myself right now so I’d be happy to help if I can. A good timeframe for one frame on my end is about five minutes, at 10x2 4 x1024.


I am using FumeFX in maya trying to render in vray. I am only simulating smoke. Fuel is switched off. Receive and cast shadows in on. As soon as I link a light to the grid the times spike. Opacity or amount do not seem to make a difference