Fumefx render problem with MAYA and Vray


I have a large scene in MAYA with a car and a Fumefx explosion and I am trying to render it with Vray.
It takes about 1 hour to render each frame.
I would be so grateful if someone helps me out.
Sorry for my bad English.
MAYA 2016, Fumefx 4.00, Vray 3.10


Are you rendering the particles with the VrayMesh material or the VrayParticle material? The particle material renders much, much faster but I’m not very familiar with it just yet. I’m learning it for Realflow liquids lately and it’s tough to get the results I want, but it’s just a lot to learn.

Also, what are you rendering settings like? After doing a full 1-hour render, save it and do a Progressive mode 30-minute render then save that and compare the two? Perhaps you could adjust your time that way.