Fscommand exec?


I wonder how could i make this in flash:

A link opens/runs a program on local hard drive. So this will be ran locally, not over internet.
Someone said that it would work with Fscommand exec actions, but i haven’t got it to work :confused:

I would be glad if someone would help me (tell me sloooowly;) ), or even make a small sample?

Thank you.


Don’t know much about it but are you looking for something like this?



Well, i’ve read that many times and some other tutorials, but still can’t get it to work :/. Maybe i’m just stupid :stuck_out_tongue:


Post your file so we can take a look at the code. It’s probably a really simple error.


Ive encountered the same problem recently, but got it working after some hard work. Here is what i learned:

  1. You can only do what you are asking if it is in a Flash published eve or a standalone exe.

  2. That said I’ll use launching a pdf as an example (but search for some path names to tweak it for a app on a C:/ drive though I imagine the technique is the same for what you want to do: next create a .bat file with this info:

@echo OFF
START mypdf.pdf

save it as batfile.bat

3.next in flash on your button that will do whatever put this actionscript on it:

fscommand (“exec”, “batfile.bat”);

4.Then publish your Flash movie as an exe.

5 FSCOMMANDS Come into play next; Flash recognizes these commands to talk to windows. For my example place all your assets in a folder called FSCOMMANDS with the flash exe outside it.

  1. Run the flash standalone and press your button …should work. The Flash exe knows to look to find the .bat in the FSCOMMANDS folder.

&. (for what you want look up systems paths but FSCOMMANDS to run it off the C:/ drive should be easier and thoeretically without a .bat file but I havent tried that and I’ll leave that up to you…but let me know if this helps you or not.


JohnDes: Thank you very much, it seems to work now:)

I must done something wrong (a little thing), but now i did with your steps and it works.


I am glad I could help…I know sometimes tutorials can be vauge…I wanted my steps to be easy and clear. best of luck.


I have found a program called FreeMX which lets you do what you want. I couldn’t find the link online anymore so I’ll attach it here.
It works!!

Oops upload is too big, here is a mirror:


Is there a similar solution for use on a Mac? (OS8-9, X)


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