Fruits, Blagoy Kostov (3D)


whao :smiley: can u upload ur max file here??:D:D:D:D pls:D


Awesome piece of work man :thumbsup: How long did take you to make materials? … really great details !


Best render of 3d fruit i’ve seen so far

The only crit i can give is that the peaches could use more fluffyness


That just made my mouth water…beautiful work!


Thanks people.

  @ x-GLYTCH-x : You're right. (but we may assume that they are perfect :P)...
  @ CechJakub : Everything (materials, modeling, etc...) took about 3 weeks (2-3 hours a day). :)
  @ CHRiTTeR : about the peaches - you are probably right, I should make them more fluffiness, but on the other hand i think that there are different sorts so I left them like this :)
  Here is a quick screenshot of the materials.(note - image size: 299x26809 )


Wow, this is so great! I love the grapes. They are so nicely done…

Front page if you ask me


great job man… i know that this is very hard to do it real. :slight_smile:


Damm bro ! amazing :slight_smile:


Great Pic, but are you sure about your screen calibration? This looks a little bit too green to me.


beautiful render. no crits. cheers!


10x guys :slight_smile:

well I’ll have to check it on other monitor to be sure but mine should be just fine


sweeet! really nice render and tone
love it


jest amazing

5***** from me & i vote 4 u

good luck 4 ever :beer:


amazing shaders and materials right there mate!
great work
the link of the materials you posted doesn’t work anymore, could you please fix it because i’m really intrigued :slight_smile:
i’m also interested about how you made the melon texture as a procedural map


Thank you :slight_smile:
The link is fixed now!
For the melon the main procedure map is the cellular map, later i’ll post the material with more details :slight_smile:


Beautiful render.:thumbsup:


@Zyandric : 10x :slight_smile:

@square4life: here is the melon mat.:


That fruit has life! I like it.


I can almost reach out and touch it!! Brilliant!


Amazing work man!