From Taron-Bone posing setup video


From the yahoo list:

simple bone posing setup for a head (23mb quicktime)

…even if this is not really a tutorial, but just a little clip on how
I would make a “super simple” little bone setup for a head to pose it
for render tests. Maybe it’s a little something to get some started…

We’ll do more elaborate clips very soon, particularely on how to use the
render engine, the particles and some specific shaders.

And, uhm…hello everybody! :slight_smile:



wow Nichod! thats very nice :bounce:


Very interesting

Thanks a lot


broken link


I have it at home. I’ll zip it up nice and tight and upload it to my site when I get a chance, that is if Taron doesn’t fix it before then.


There’s a typo in the link, the correct link is this:*taron/Clips/

EDIT: it seems like CGtalk doesn’t like tildes, it just replaced it with a star here too… So, if you replace the star in front of “taron” with a tilde it should work.


Cool stuff. The muscle bone spanning the chest to the chin certainly does a nice job of holding the volume of the esophagus during head rotations. :slight_smile:


Bone setup clip (22Mb quicktime)


Thanks Taron very instructive!
I will my own exercise with it and then probably have questions to you!


excellent Taron, I’m getting really excited about using Messiah now…:bounce:


Anyone have any ideas why? The when I move the bone in the head forward the rig gets jacked. I wonder If i need to either place the bones better or something. I attached the Mpj.


The problem lies with Skeleton_Bone_6, the bone support from the forehead along the
top of the head. Delete it and add another bone and problem fixed…but I really don’t have
the foggiest why! Also added a bone to each shoulder bone to stabilize the body. Works
really well, very efficient. Neat model by the way.



Thank you for your help. Can you attach the MPJ so everyone has it corrected. The model was made for Yuri’s night 2005. Taron’s my taught/teaches me everyrthing I know about modeling.:buttrock:


Here you go.



Excellent job, works well! I like the model, too, very cute! Good job, Crossbones! Good job, Gene! Sorry if I’m not much of a support right now, I’m bouncing around here to see what’s happening and make note of all the little issues that pop up.

THANX for taking care of things here! :thumbsup:


Here’s a wacky little test I had to make. Now that we can save objects with their UVmap (caugh, caugh), it’s possible to do really cool stuff together with ZBrush.

This is an approach that comes originally from the world of morphs and now works absolutely fantastic with displacement only.

What this is:
A somewhat simple arm geometry (132 polygons)
A bone setup that moves it somewhat nicely (5 bones, 2 of them are muscles)

Then you generate two displacement maps.
The first one is based on the original geometry.
The second one is based on the exported deformed object out of messiah after you’ve brought it into pose with your bone setup!

Then you make a simple expression that reads the rotation of your elbow, which you have used for the posing! “math” it into the proper range (how retarded to say something like that, but I had to giggle.) with something like a division to get the values to come out from 0 - 1.0 and feed them into the opacity of your second displacement map.
I find it best to put to proper displacement values into the texture map’s “remap” and then see if I need to amplify or reduce it with the actual bump value of the material, which acts like a multiplier.
Anyway, I took the liberty in this little example to also use that expression output as a modifier for the glossiness level of the surface…kind of cool, I thought.

ALRIGHT, here it is…just a gimmik and a quick one at that, but still…oh, and I was putting the grid shader on top to look at what’s happening and to show the actual geometry underneath.

ARMold (500kb DivX)
(I assume “tilde” is working again, otherwise the link wouldn’t work! If it works, send a big shout to the Administration Team of CGtalk, they reacted swiftly and great! :applause: )


Wow, that is fantastic! I have got to pick up ZBrush if only for things such as this.
The process/workflow seems so well suited to muscle and skin interaction I can’t express how excited I am about this! :lightbulb


Taron do you have time to walk us through how you did that in like a video? I think it would go along way for those people who don’t realize how to connect the animation system to the renderer. You should think about placing anything you do here on CGtalk on the PMG tutorial section that way people that don’t come to CGtalk will see it.

Very nice, its like butch v200. Curious, will there be a solution to see this kind of stuff including your grid shader in the viewport so we have some sort representation.


Hey, this is fantastic! :thumbsup:


coolio, I had kinda thought about doing a similar thing but I doubt that I could even find the time to work it out.

Would there be a way of doing a similar thing with the entire body?..of course there would but I guess I’m asking whether it is possible to have say just 2 displacement maps for the whole body but just dial in the ones that are needed eg: when the arm bends it uses the relevent displacements for that area only, when the leg bends it dials in the displacements for just the leg area…etc.

The long winded way would be to create & save off a map for each region but the easiest way would be to create displacements for the whole body in ZBrush in one go for continuity.

…maybe use weights, alphas, bone influence?..I’ve only scratched the surface of messiah so I’m not sure how this might be achieved if at all.