From Chair: Welcome to SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Internship Program!


Dear Internship team members,

                   Hello! My name is Yoichi Matsuyama, SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Internship Program Chair.
                   Thank you very much for your participation in this program!  We have over 150 interns from all over the world this year. 
                   We internship committee members are getting ready to the SIGGRAPH Asia conference in Japan. And finally we've launched this forum. In this forum, we will share useful information with you, such as cheap hotels, restaurants and entertainment spots around Yokohama and Tokyo area.
                   As you may already know, SIGGRAPH is not only one of the biggest CG and Interactive Techniques conference in the world with full of insights and knowledge, but also the huge community where great many talented people are getting involved. It's a place to build new relationships and reunite with friends who must be industry leaders and may be your partners in the future. 
                   "Student volunteers or Interns are", said one of the member of SIGGRAPH advisory board, "our last hope that we can rely on." In this world's present financial difficulties, the conference management is not so easy. Beyond that, it is the first time that SIGGRAPH will be took place in non-English-speaking land. Our support is definitely one of essential parts of SIGGRAPH.
                   This year, we have brought some changes into this volunteer program. Primary one is assignment system; you will be assigned to specific jobs, such as gallery management, conference operation support and even language support. That is because each of you should have ownership of your own job and be a professional of conference support. The internship operational manual will be provided to you soon. Please read it carefully and imagine for yourself how we can support this big conference to make it great success. 
                   If you have any questions, requests and suggestions, please feel free to post it on the forum.
   Again, thank you very much for your big interests and participation in this wonderful program. 

   Now, you guys, welcome on board!
           Yoichi Matsuyama
                   SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Internship Program Chair