Freeze mb layout


I’m probably not the only one who occasionally drags out lay out elements only to be unable to place them back. Of course It’s an easy fix by resetting your layout back to standard or your customized one.

But I just feel like there should be a way to prevent me from dragging out layout windows…anyone?


it’s a good question. i’d like to see a reset layout feature as well… in all autodesk software.

i know you can create Custom layouts and save them in MB. maybe this is part of the solution. not sure


yes, that’s the reset layout feature XD Just turn off auto update layout as it’s the most useless thing ever (if you want to make a permanent change in your layout just hit update current layout)

When you drag out a element or even move a window. Just hit your preferred (custom) layout and it resets to the way you set it up. Including windows, multiple monitors and size, everything works.(other autodesk software can take that as an example actually)

The thing I’m talking about is that I don’t want to reset every second, Unlike the other autodesk software which have a tiny part you have to accurately click in order to move things around. MB fill half the screen with dragable hitboxes (probably not the right word but meh). Just make an option to turn these off, or make them tiny like the other packages…