freeze and ICE tree


freeze on a geometry deletes his ICE tree? is this a bug?

Example. create a geometry, select it, Ctrl+9 and create ICE tree, plug anything, then freeze.

edit… I suppose is working as intended, but it would be nice if in the next version It would be added in the softimage users guide that freeze also removes the ICE Tree (my mistake, I didnt thought it was an operator). Lucky for me Im doing personal stuff so trial and error helps a lot when learning, so from now on “Freeze M” will be my new best friend and “Freeze” his evil twin.


Yes, creating an ICE tree on a model manually, it will be added to the -modeling- stack. You can see it popping up in the little explorer on the right.
If you don’t want to loose it when freezing, move it up the stack before hitting the freeze button.
Freezing will remove -everything- in the modeling stack as stated in the manual.

from that wonderful manual:
“You can include animated operators in the Modeling region, if desired. However, the animation will be lost if you freeze the modeling.”

maybe it’s better to start with the menu:
create cube, add ICE emit from selection,. tweak some points on cube>freeze.
ICE tree is still there and functional on the pointcloud.

In this case, pebkac. Just teasing… :wink:



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