Free VR showroom, Artistrone - Display your work! in your own space!


Artists rarely have the opportunity to display their work.
Modern people want to enjoy art, but they don’t have time.

What if there is an exhibition hall where anyone can exhibit their work and it is possible to view it anytime and anywhere?

Artistrone is a google card board VR showroom where anyone can upload and share their work in their own virtual showroom.

I made the inside of the showroom into a simply VR video.

showroom :

Please exhibit the canvas of the empty exhibition hall as your work Before formal service.

-How to participate : Send your work to (please give the file name as the title of the
※ The works of those who participated will be exhibited in the Main Hall for one month.

The official service is October 10.

Thank you for your interest and publicity.

    *You own the copyright of the published work.
    *This service has not yet been officially released and is currently in beta testing.
    *When open, anyone can access and create their own showroom and exhibit your 
    *Send your questions or feedback to