FREE Shade 7 designer LE 3D software - INSTRUCTIONS


A gift very welcome

thanks Leonard!


Not for me - I just get a Shade 7 designer LE
** This item is excluded from your coupon code.

Oh well, I use Max mostly anyway



It should be the discount code, not the coupon code (there’re two different code options on the page). Are you using the link Leo provided?


maybe it was a refresh issue - I tried again, and this time it worked?

Thanks for your help though :slight_smile:



Wow, this is great, whoever is responsible for setting this up, THanks :smiley:


Hi Juan,

you said Shade was a good nurbs modeler - How does it compare to Rhino and Max’s Power nurbs from

I am a Max8 user and find the addition of power nurbs one of the better things that have have happened to Max nurbs tools - I honestly think they rival Maya’s nurbs tools - Power Nurbs that is.

Just wondering about the nurbs tools - are there any VTM for shade demostrating the nurbs tools?


Hi Solomon,

It has been now two years since last time I used 3dsmax, and to be honest I have never used the power nurbs you mention. If they do what power booleans do vs normal booleans, it must be a mighty tool indeed…

I think that the best analogy that can be found with their implementation in Shade is, that they are the 3d version of spline gradients in Illustrator. Adding a loop is just a question of adding a vertex anywhere, and the loop is generated and interpolated. This is great because you never have an “illegal” topology, the program always takes care that things are ok. The curvature is controlled in the vertex by handles, somewhat like beizer handles, being possible to independently control the curvature in the U and the V direction.

I’ld say some comparison with Rhino could be done, but not without saying that Rhino is really more technically inclined, and Shade more artistically inclined (just as comparing features of Autocad vs 3dsmax).

BTW e-frontier bought Amapi this month, so there will probably be more cad-like functions in coming releases.

I did some tutorials to make clothing with curved surfaces while still a bit wet behind the ears (I must redo them, there are more efficient ways to do some steps, but I know that now…) maybe you could read through them and try them out with your Shade7 version downloaded. The page is a placeholder page, btw. You can find them here


Hi Leonard,

I have a question about downloading this free Shade, I’ve registered already, and also put the coupon code already, and got the link for downloading, but somehow my downloads always fails at the end (about 80% downloaded, suddenly fails), I’ve also tried download it using download manager so I can resume it, but apparently I can’t resume it if it failed, and now I’ve reached my max download I cannot download it anymore, and I haven’t got the finished file, what should I do? cause I don’t know how to contact ContentParadise, It doesn’t says anything about contacting them on their site…


Hi Romi,

In my instructions there is a contact:

Problems with the download? Tech support!
For further questions, contact e frontier tech support at

We’re all at SIGGRAPH at the moment, including E frontier, so please understand that we may be unable to answer all posts or support queries in a timely manner.




In case somebody in Content Paradise-aka-e-frontier is NOT in Siggraph , you have to ask for a ticket. This is easily done selecting the magnifying glass icon on the left bar (under help) then click Contact us in the screen that follows, and then select Open a Ticket.

I have used it myself, and did get the support I needed (but not on Siggraph season, truth be said) in a timely fashion.

Link is here

Cheers, Juan


thanks Leonard! I’ve sent an email to tech support, hopefully I’ll receive their answer soon!


I’ll take a look at your ticket on Monday. I know we had a few broken links sent out but you should be able to have gotten it by now. At anyrate, I’ll look for your ticket and get back to you asap. Leo, thanks for the compliment on the escalator about my bag. The calendar rocks!




Thanks CGS, i allways look forward to new type of software tools.
This new software will be the 17th 3D application in my arsonal.

And thanks to JuanManuel for the very discriptive backgound comparison of the software.
I only have one question, is this applications binary files exportable and compatable (or convertable) to the other 3D software heavyweights?


It has obj, 3ds, lwo export filters, among others, but I guess with those 3 you have compatibility with almost everything out there in the 3d world


Exellent. Thanks. :thumbsup: Personaly i have always found it best to use all of the software an techniques availible to acheive true imaginitive creation. :slight_smile:


Hello! Just to make sure if everything went right: Is this status:Queued/Held correct for ordered Shade 7 LE (?)



I can’t seem to access the following page to get the voucher code

its says:
Not Found

The requested URL /member_benefits/efrontier.php was not found on this server.

anyone has the same experience?


Ummm I don’t know if the offer is still valid, it was posted sometime ago… I cannot remember if there was a time limit


Bummer … my bad. I thought I read the offer expires August 2007!

Oh well …