FREE Shade 7 designer LE 3D software - INSTRUCTIONS


Thanks for this offer I’m just searching about modeling tool working with my vue :wink:

I will try it as it free :slight_smile: thanks !


Hey, you can’t go wrong with a free software package that offers a discounted upgrade! Very glad to be a member of the CGS! Max for me right now is a little overwhelming so I am eager to try Shade. Cheers All.


Maybe CGS can think to open Shade forum ?


bsm3d that would certainly help the new users of Shade.


Like me :thumbsup: because with 10 years max background it’s not easy to switch…so for now nothing is planned but As I’m only realtime designer that’s could be great deal as Shade I see export vrml and DX…

I don’t want drop max tomorrow but It’s coming heavy application for my little need…


Thanks for this great offer.

However, I followed the instructions. I have received my email with the link to download from (download file #1)… But it doesn’t work (The page cannot be displayed, <title>Invalid syntax error</title>). :shrug:

Anyone else getting this problem? :sad:


Hi gang,

Just a heads up for folks downloading Shade through this offer:

After submitting your discount code and hitting the Checkout button, you should be taken to a page where you can download your copy of Shade. So just to put it down a bit more clear:

At the checkout screen, enter your discount code and hit the GO button next to it as described in the first post of this thread.

Hit the Checkout button once the page has updated that your cost is $0.00

A new screen will appear confirming your purchase. THIS SCREEN HAS YOUR DOWNLOAD LINK AND SERIAL NUMBER. I figured I’d save myself some tech support issues if anyone is having trouble with the email link. :slight_smile:


Three chances? I try to do it again, since the email link isn’t working and i get:

[i]"You have entered an invalid or incorrect coupon code!
This coupon does not apply to the products in your cart, does exist, is disabled, has been used or has expired.

If you are unsure about this error, Please contact Support and report the error."[/i]

…when I give my coupon code. sigh


Actually, I was just told that doesn’t really apply in this case. Sorry for the confusion. I’ve removed that bit. As for your trouble I’ll send you an IM so we can work it out.



Coupon code working for me after two try…

Other, any one try shade 8 and can speak about difference between ?


Yup. The link they sent was completely messed up. Luckily, I still had my browser open to the confirmation page on the e-frontier website. If you look at the link in the e-mail, it should start with https:// (not ht!tp) then delete the ! and space after it in the word Shade (it shouldn’t be Shad! e).


Thanks. I THINK I’ve got it working now. It’s downloading a .Zip at the moment. Just fixed that URL, like you said, although it seemed to have lots of other spaces. :shrug:

Thanks again, and thanks Teyon also. :slight_smile:


I think I posted this already, but basically Shade8 has much better polygon mesh editing tools, shadow catching, 64bit OS support, improved animation and IK solving, tweaked GUI, camera mapping. It is really worthwhile to upgrade.


Thanks a lot for this ! That was a nice morning gift today :thumbsup:

Now I’ll have to see if I can find out how to do something with it …


Awesome news :slight_smile:


Wow Leonard Great News, I try it immediatly.

Really thanks!


Hey Juan,
How does the spline modeling differ between 7 and 8, i already have silo for polygon modeling but getting a decent spline package sounds attractive.


There is no real difference in the implementation of nurbs between Shade7 and 8. The changes in that aspect is that Shade8 has a friendlier interface to the modifying, viewing and etc of the nurbs (for example, for converting the curved surface to pseudo polygons, in Shade7 you do a ctrl+convert button. On Shade8, it is a different item).

BTW, the pseudopolygons is a possible intermediate step to remove loops (talking in Silo terms) out of a future polygon mesh. Think of concrete seats for a stadium. You need lots of loops on the curved parts behind the goalkeepers, but cross-section-wise, just one vertical and one horizontal bend to define the seats. Then on the straight parts, you can get rid of most of the loops as there is no curve. May sound complicated, but if you have ever converted a nurbs to a polygon mesh, you will find this feature quite handy.

If you plan on using Shade for just a nurbs modeller, you can use version 7 just as well as you could use version8.

BTW, you are Silo’s world famous RogerKnightly, right?


Yup thats me
Famous, Sadly that aint the case :D, maybe if i posted some of my work :D, im working on a low poly project at the moment but that hasnt been silo because its mostly mechanical. thats why Shade interests me it looks like it could be very usefull. I must say though the UI does seem to need an awefull lot of clicking


After feeling your way around, I’ld immediately assign keyboard shortcuts. View->shorcuts. You press in the key in the window, and you navigate your way to the item in the menu. Oh, and it is not explicitely stated anywhere, but there is a pdf file in the installtion folder (under Documentation, methinks) that has all the default keyboard shortcuts.