Free Seamless Lace Texture PNG for 3D Clothing!, Camille Kleinman (2d)


Title: Free Seamless Lace Texture PNG for 3D Clothing!

Name: Camille Kleinman

Download my free, hyper-realistic seamless lace texture PNG for your 3D clothing.
This texture looks very real since it was made from an image of real lace fabric.
The hi-res lace texture is seamless and has transparency.
You can use this texture as an opacity map with any other fabric pattern or color or as-is as a black lace texture.
Commercial use allowed!

Download the free seamless lace texture here:

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Hi Camille. Thanks for sharing your seamless lace texture. I just want to say that it is pretty amazing. If I may ask, how did you create the transparent lace texture? I have been trying to figure out for the longest how to make clothing transparent so that it is see through without lowering the opacity, which will make the entire clothing item transparent. Thanks!