Free procedural building generator: Building Generator v.01


Hi spaze,

Yep…as noted on the info page, setting up the buildings for materials is next on the list of things to do :slight_smile:

As for coplanar surfaces, nah that shouldn’t be a problem If you look reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally close you’ll see that all of the surfaces which appear to be coplanar are actually offset a bit. That’s because at the end of the script each object’s position is “jiggled” by a teeny amount to avoid face overlap :slight_smile:


Great tool man. :slight_smile:
Good job. :thumbsup:


Now you’ve got something cool to blowup with rayfire :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Tyson… is very genial script, I think to try it on my great wip of Tank (you can see link in my signature) if is not problem for you.

I wait new fix

Thank you for your time



Yep! It’s a script free for use in any project :slight_smile:


Cool. One of the greatest Maxscripts. Thank you so much!


A little try… It’s only my problem?


P.S.: ok… I read the same problem in your site…


Hmmm…I’ve never seen a problem with floating roofs like that before. I was also unable to reproduce the error using your settings…are you able to reproduce it on your side?


Great job!

I wonder if you could integrate this building gen maxscript with Greeble?

 I try again with the same setting, now is ok...
 I try it on Max 2010 so I can analyze it with X-View... see image ;)

 I try the path setting... If I change some parameters is not very good... also to create a preview but the proxie is overraide on old (it's good is up-date the preview)...

I create a smooth path with a low point, but after the path change, is not very important, but if i will create a particular curve I can’t? So I create another spline with more point and the result is… Max crash :(… (maybe is my workstation and my SO, now running on 32-bit, after I try on 64-bit)…

Another test… create palace with path and then i un-check path…

Sometime when you un-check path script give error and so re-run script… 1/10 time.

my first conclusion: It’s a good script and i’m very glad to your share it. It’s good the creation of group and some lement (example the door or ID on material -now I try some render- ) is not a mesh but a basic door so we can setting it. Maybe there are more work for devolepe it, and for future (if you have time) is very good :wink:

My english is not perfect, but I hope you can understand me.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day


Thank you very much for the detailed report, Matt…I’ll be going through it soon to fix the bugs.


Another fast test…

Create some spline and attach in only one… don’t create correct (but I think is normal)

Detach spline and this is the result…

Ok, I try to create spline and apply the script. Save and close max. Open file and create a second spline and apply script… result. (strange is the big different of size of the element, ok the different, but is more in some case).

Do you try to create some palace and after use Proxie (Mental Ray or V-Ray)? I find this error, after I try on windows. (I try with default setting and change it)



Yep…right now the script will only use the first spline in a spline object.

Detach spline and this is the result…

It’s important to note that the size of your buildings is dependant on the length of each spline segment, when “normalize spline” is turned off.

So…if you have a spline with some verts, where some verts are spaced really far apart, and some closer…you’re going to end up with some HUUUUGE buildings and some tiny buildings.

If you find this undesirable, turn off “scale to fit” …although if your segments smaller than the length of the building generated, you will get overlap.

The key to getting a good path setup is to create a path with vertices spaced out at approximately the length that you’d like a single building to be. So if you have a long road that you want lots of building to be on, for example, make sure that you have broken up the path with a number of verts that is equal to the number of buildings you want. 1 vert = 1 building, 10 verts = 10 buildings, etc.

Do you try to create some palace and after use Proxie (Mental Ray or V-Ray)? I find this error, after I try on windows. (I try with default setting and change it)


No, I haven’t tested the script with vray/mr proxies yet…but I’ll put that on my list now.

Note, that you should click on “combine meshes” under the generate button if you want to have the building collapsed into a single mesh (which will be necessary if you are doing Vray proxy mesh exports, for example).


I do some test on Max 2009 and Mr Proxie… so, first time I use combine Mesh option and in the second time I convert one part in editable to poly and attach the rest…

With combine mesh have some problem on surface, with the second way create a good proxie.

Thank you :slight_smile:




Woah…heh…that’s a really weird thing happening with the surface when the meshes are combined :eek: I don’t have a clue why it’s doing that.


The problem is only with Mental Ray because this renderer have a different analyze of normal. (I think for this :hmm: )…




Nice work, thanks for posting the script. Looking forward to see where you go with it !

Cheers !


Great work from Matt here too, nice to see some thorough testing with screenshots helping the developer along. Putting back into the tool he got for free, that’s ace!!! Keep up the team work.


Hey Matt,

I think I’ve figured out what the MR problem was and have fixed it (the fix will be in the next release, which is coming out soon). It was an issue with the scale of the buildings generated, when “combine mesh” is turned on.

Once the next version is out it would be cool if you could confirm that the problem is solved though, since when I tried to replicate it I was getting slightly different results (normals weren’t black…the mr proxy simply wouldn’t render, and it wouldn’t dispaly in the viewport properly).


Ohh man, no words for this. Just awesome, Thanks for share with us. :bowdown: