Free plugin: TopologyTools


I recently created some tools to make it easier to add geometry onto existing surfaces in a scene. This is useful for e.g. retopologizing unstructured meshes, adding detail to curved surfaces, and many other modelling tasks.

The tools are quite simple, but I find myself using them quite a lot, so I decided to release them for free to the Cinema4d community.

The attached zip file contains the plugin for both Windows and Mac. It should (hopefully) work with R8.5 and up.



Very cool and thank you…do you have any screenshots of these tools in action?


Thanks, Filip!


Filip, thanks a lot! These tools are very userfull!


Hey! , poly projection! thats nice and very useful thx! , i hope for a MAc version in the future :slight_smile:




Sounds great!
But yet again, Mac users don’t get to play.

Guess I’ll have to get out my billy club and find a stray dog to vent my frustration, again…

For the sake of the dog population, this Mac exclusion/delay phenomenon needs to stop.

But seriously, how difficult would it be for a person with no coding or plugin creation experience to make this happen on the Mac?


Filip: Thanks for the great free addition to Cinema’s toolset.

Dtox: For a plugin to run on a Mac, the developer has to own a Mac and purchase a compiler that can compile the plugin for mac. That works out to a few grand that would be needed to make this free plugin cross-platform. I imagine that Filip could post the code for a mac developer to compile, but that depends on Filip’s willingness to share his code and another developer taking the time to compile the plugin.

Everyone: Another alternative to these tools in the new ShrinkWrap deformer in MOCCA. Create a basic mesh that encompasses the target mesh and shrinkwrap it down to size.


Actually XCode is free, but yes the Mac is an expensive outlay for most casual developers and then you have the 64bit platforms on top of that! Most often people depend on goodwill and helping hands to get their plugins cross platform when they’re not doing it too seriously.


And, as usual, I have a Mac and Xcode impatiently waiting to port Cinema 4D plugins for those who can’t. :slight_smile:


Tnx for sharing Filip! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


A mac version would be greatly appreciated indeed!


…and, as usual, Kuroyume0161 jumps in to save the day for us mac users…
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Thank you very much Filip. I’ve been trying to figure out something like the point brush.
Being a programming idiot I was finding it pretty difficult. There’s maybe a simple option that I missed, I’m sure someone will tell me.
I’m off to see if it does what I want it to. Fingers crossed.


I’ve just checked this out and it works great for what I wanted it for, Painting Mograph clones on to objects. Works in 10.5.

Add an object to be painted on

Add a mograph cloner and set the Mode to object.

Add a Polygon object to your scene and drag this into the Cloners object field.

Select the Polygon object and choose Plugins/Topology tools/Point brush

Start painting over the oject that you want the clones painted on.

Subtle hint: It would be great if you actually paint the point rather than clicking one at a time. You could have a spacing setting which would be cool.
Being a programming idiot, I don’t know how hard that would be but I’m just dreaming.

Double thanks Filip.:thumbsup:

And be kind to those poor Mac users out there. It’s Christmas after all.
I’ll see about setting up a charity fund for them;)


Thanks man!

Downloaded…I’ll check them out today.

Thanks again for sharing.


Many Thanks for that Pluggie!!!
@jimzepellin: Will try that out, I’m missing SurfacePainter! :cry:


xcode is free and even if you had to go brand new you could get a mac mini for $500 - not counting all the used macs out there that are capable of running OSX for a couple hundred dollars.

putting a price tag of a few grand on this is making it seem much harder then it is. i’ve got a older G4 DP 867 with 2GB ram that can run OSX fine and it is just sitting on the floor unused. i’ll give it to some plugin developer for $100 to cover good packaging and shipping costs.

just email me (not those private message things please)



Thanks for the offer. I’ll send you the source by email.



Very nice Filip and Kuroyume0161


Thanks so much


Great - looking forward to the OSX version - your a star as usual Robert! ;D