free material library for all



I can’t find any links that work or the main file…

Can someone post the link for me?


Not sure which material library your trying to download. The one from this thread has been hosted by since 2003. Here’s the link:

If your seeking the mental ray shader library, I have all the proper links and information in the mental ray shader thread here (in post#1):

EDIT: You may have been referring to Phillip Bruton’s post about a material library? If so, the link in post #375 seems to work.

I’ll try to flag down a MOD to edit the first post in this thread with the information I just posted.


Thanks for the links Jeff.



this is my link for 3d models or textures…




This page provide you with free strawberry material to download, and a very brief tutorial. This is a procedural texture and have displacement map channel, will make a sphere looks like a strawberry.

click here

direct download


renderomat is a brand new centrolized source for materials and shaders - if you have anything like that to share or show off please stop by and let other natives here know about it - you’ll be most than welcome - plus the renderomat will have monthly materials contests with winners receiving nice gifts from us and our sponsors - so it wont be a useless clicking for you - we have free materials section were you can share your materials with others - of course you can sell your materials as well as we have a market place there set up too - long story short - it is - easy to find and easy to remember -


Ive been looking around in the thread here and cant seem too find the materials and shaders, is there a ftp? is there a link? Id also like too submit some of my own mats :thumbsup:


i thought i posted it in my previous message but here it goes:

and thanks for the interest we really hope you and other natives of cgsociety find Renderomat as useful and interesting as around here - we don’t compete with this site we only supplement it -


renderomat: Nice site, kind of like turbosquid for 3ds Max materials. I like it a lot, but what is up with the little countdown timer on the free materials? What is it counting down to, and why does it play that annoying sound effect?

Just curious! I’ll probably be submitting some free materials to that site soon, as it looks like you guys need some to get the ball rolling!


glad you like it - heheh - i like it too (:)) - as for the count down - it’ll have some real good purpose when we get members into participating of the upcoming material contests - basically when material is posted for a certain time (each contest will have different time duration requirements) - then whoever wins the highest rate during the contest time becomes a winner - once the contest time runs out then the material ends - you can relist again of course - but the rate will be zeroed out and ready for the next contest - we want to run non-stop different contests with different awards/prizes - like graphics cards, trips to vacation spots, pre-paid money cards, prepaid dinners on us - and so on - this way the site can be useful more than just seeking for customers for your work - plus contests winners will get preferred seller status and can sell materials free of any auction fees - this way people can see who is the best and contact you for custom jobs more often than anyother current site - practically we really are different than most of the cg marketplaces you know - there is more ways to become the top seller - and really no tricks (like some sites trick you into believing that someone is a real winner) everything folks see can be checked for occuracy right on the site -


Also thought I’d mention that downloading via Firefox 2.0 seems to be broken somehow. Worked fine in IE though.


i will need to look into it as i think the ff does not load the page into cache but our download code requires a web page to be completely loaded before showing it and allowing to download - and as i heard ff does not do it - it starts showing a web page right away as soon as its reached a server - it is virtually faster than IE but not necessarily correct as a code might not be completely prepared to be displayed - thats just my thinking of it - :shrug:


[b]I want to make a muddy water shader for a simulation. Can anyone tell me how i can create that or if u guys have any links or file. I tried making that but my shader is more looking like a choclate shader rather than mud water.



Thanks a lot


For muddy water, I’d experiment with SSS. with mental ray you can also try setting the max distance for refraction.


Hi, I’m currently following a tutorial which asks for a chrome material which should’ve been in the material library that comes with 3ds max, however, there are no materials to be found. Could anyone upload that one chrome material?


I know in Max9 you need to load Mental Ray renderer and then open the material editor, on the right, hit ‘standard’ and then select the mr Arch + Design. Look through the templates…


hi all… this is my first post. But I was wondering where the material collection is located and if it still exists. Thanks.


I would like to mention the launch of at MrM we opened up with over 300 free Max mr materials and will be concentrating on Maya and XSI as well. Of course any repository system relies on participation to succeed :wink: Hope to see you there.

P.S. I wasn’t aware of ‘Rendermat’ that is pretty cool


Great site! Kudos to you and Jeff for making that happen. Make sure you toss a donate link up there somewhere. :wink: