Free Marvelous Designer Skirt Garment File & Pattern


I’m giving away a free Marvelous Designer skirt garment file template with a skirt pattern!

You can import the Marvelous Designer skirt garment into any project (in MD7 and above) and use it with any other garments.
If you have a version of MD below MD7, you can use the Marvelous Designer skirt pattern to recreate the skirt.
You can use this gathered skirt template as-is or use it to create many different looking gathered skirts in Marvelous Designer by simply making it longer, shorter, wider (to give it more gathers) or narrower (to decrease number of gathers).
Here’s an example of how this skirt template can be used to make skirts of various lengths:

Download the Marvelous Designer skirt garment file here:

Use in commercial clothing projects allowed!