Free Learning.


Is this thing free? Cant see it clearly stated on the site. If it is free will include it, thanks in advance :slight_smile:


^ there are different account levels with different sets of tools. Basic thing is free for personal use, more tools and commerial use with licence.

I think that the system is still kind of in progress, but it has already some nice features.

Symmetry tool almost nostalgig and reminds me about my first tool of choise with Amiga: Deluxe Paint 2 - it had also some animation features and spend hours with it. :smiley:


Well that’s good enough for me:) added.



Two useful things that I would cautiously add:

(1) Fast external hard drives are plentiful, huge, and cheap … available even at general department stores. Drives that support FireWire are usually built for higher performance than those which use USB, but either one will work. (A “camera port” is often a FireWire port.) There seems to be a compromise between “outrageous capacity” and “decent speed.” Prefer speed, IMHO. Splurge. Buy two.

(1a) A drive of a size that fits easily in a bank safe-deposit box is very handy. (So is a safe-deposit box that’s large enough to hold the external drives that you do have.) Bank tellers are friendly people who will quickly get to know you. 'Nuff said.

(2) Use those drives, not only to give your system more raw storage space, but to create an automatic or semi-automatic scheme for doing reliable system backups. Macs have their “Time Machine” program, but Windows systems also have “backup” capability hiding in the “properties” window of the My Computer control-panel. (Right-click the icon of the drive.) It can do scheduled backups… and you want to. Unless you arrange for backups to occur automatically while you work, you just won’t do them often enough. These backup systems can retrieve not only the “latest” version of a file, but several prior “generations” of it as well. Very useful.



I think what you are saying is get 2 types of external drives, and put a drive in a safety deposit box,… and backup often.

Ummm, the speed at which your rig will run will improve if you only have an OS and application data on the hard disk. Computers break, its happened to all of us. When your work files and install data is on a separate disk nothing will be lost in the event of a meltdown.

To back up your work (if you are really worried) you can buy cheap server space and upload your extremely important files there. You would really only do this if you were already doing important commercial work though.


Or you can get several gmail accounts and send the files to yourself. free.


Yeah, you could do that. In the beginning your files will probably not be too big. Most folks can only email a couple of mb at a time. You will find though that even a single character with image files, model files, project files, animation files and shot files can easily reach a couple of gig :slight_smile: For personal projects I dont do it but for commercial ones I would just hire some external storage space. That way your data is off site, and backed up as servers routinely have a backup system of their own. A few terabyte is not that expensive if you shop around.


Stumbled up on an another online editor: pixlr

And noticed that pixia address should be updated. Current english site is probably here:


Thanks halen!
Edited :slight_smile:


Thanks for the information, much appreciated. So, on the shopping list next: Graphics tablet, and a good chair to replace my dining chair.



Dining chair,…OUCH! :slight_smile:


thanks for that link for free learning I noted them all.


Thank you so much for posting this, I am a beginner and this was greatly helpful. Impressive list :thumbsup:, and a new graphics tablet may be coming my way :cool:


Hello thank u so much for the post on there i am going to check in to all of this stuff …i currently love art since i was 9 and has improved i want to improve my skills and other i want to one day become an animator but schools cost soooooooo much i live in tampa fl and well i want to attend the art institute of tampa but very very pricy…if u have any info for me that will help thanks


cristian1985 you are welcome,… and welcome to cgtalk, was your first post I see!

armynavy123, I wont do digital art without my little bamboo! Ha ha. Glad you found the list useful.

This is about art education, it applies to all areas of digital art, not just games. It is the best advice I have ever read.

Good luck with your journey jazzygirl!


Thanks a lot for all the advices and list of free software.
I’m a chemist who would love to work into illustration so I’m practising a lot right now. Love painting in 2D but I’m became so curious to test 3D as well. So, the list is great, maybe I can test one of those programs without I’ll get starving…

Just one thing you forget to tell: get a babysitter if you have small children! This is actually my biggest problem, time and concentration aren’t enough… :scream:


Just noticed this thread it is really handy. :slight_smile: Also thought I might add my own project if that is OK. I have a free online art course. It start with traditional art and your basics skills then builds on them step by step. And I help each person in the course. At least for now while it is still smallish.

You can find the art course here


Hi there, deviantArt has a new online painting program called Muro, it’s located here:

it’s pretty good, but not totally free… you get the basic stuff, but you have to pay for more patterns/brushes… :smiley:


Sorry for the late replies.

MorgaineLF, good to know you found it useful. Good luck on your journey!

Thanks guys. There is a ref to online learning and I am sure your links here will be appreciated.



Houdini also has the “starving artist” edition, but it isn’t completely free(like 100usd)