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i know it i old news but i see that some people have troubles with the old interface it is not easy to understand but the program now it is like other 3d programs easy and good organized that`s all what i want to say

and here is the page to give a try


Users comming from other 3d apps usually have trouble with Blender. The test run I gave it showed that it installs easily and runs smoothly. Blender is a free all in one 3d application, and with the addition of a game engine and the capability to read motion capture files it has become a favorite of freelancers starting out who cant afford commercial applications. Even so I know of a success story where the artist decided to stay with Blender even after he was able to afford commercial products. Looking at the galleries over at it is easy to see that anything can be made with this software that can be made with other application except for some specialized effects you probably need a plugin for with commercial products.

As free software Blender is amazing, even if it wasnt free it would still be amazing. The enthusiasm and attention to detail the Blender team offer is very special and has not decreased over the years. It’s also Dutch which makes me shamelessly proud :slight_smile:



i got you tow more programs i hope you find them useful in your work

is open source program like adobe indesign you can make your book or magazine with this amazing program and make it ready for press or published on the web as pdf

is open source program not like any other
Celtx helps you produce all types of media - film, video, documentary, theatre, machinima, comics, advertising, video games, music video, radio, broadcasts, videocasts, write scripts, storyboard scenes and sequences, sketch setups, develop characters, breakdown & tag elements, schedule productions, and prepare and circulate informative reports for cast and crew.and however else you choose to tell your story.

i`m graphic designer used to use photoshop & max & illustrator & freehand in my work but now i use blender & inkscape & photoshop in my professional work is there any one ales like me


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i over looked this thread i’ll look into blender thanks


Not to continue the not-free programs off-topicness (there’s a mouthful), but I’m not sure why you say this. It is excellently programmed and I’ve never had a single problem with it. Yes, it is fairly simple, but if you can’t work in simple terms, more complex models are totally overwhelming. Though perhaps I just misunderstood what you meant.


do you like 2d animation … you want free software like flash Depend on the vector drawing and frames - tweening process and much more

here is amazing open source 2d animation ( synfig )

hope you enjoy it and do great work with it


Cine Paint link needs to be updated
And also i dont know if artrage was ree in the past but version 2.5 costs 20 bucks, and version 3 costs 40


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Thanks Kanga, Im currently a starving artist who went to college in the 70’s before they used computers for graphic art. Im trying very hard to teach myself and all those sites will prove very valuable.

Anyone that feels like taking a newb under thier wing send me a message;)



Your welcome DKsDestiny. Hope you find these resources useful. Good luck with getting work, starving artist isnt too much fun.



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i absolutely agree with you, because there are a lot of good software for cg which are pretty good, so anyone can start learning the basic and the web is full of tutorials and documentation for everyone.


new 3 open source graphics software i found for you and you gonna like it

 1-[b]MyPaint [/b]:arteest:
 is a fast and easy open-source graphics application for digital  painters. It lets you focus on the art instead of the program.  You work  on your canvas with minimum distractions, bringing up the interface  only when you need it.
 2-[b]Alchemy [/b]:buttrock:
 is an open drawing project aimed at exploring how we can sketch,  draw, and create on computers in new ways. Alchemy isn’t software for  creating finished artwork, but rather a sketching environment that  focuses on the absolute initial stage of the creation process.  Experimental in nature, Alchemy lets you brainstorm visually to explore  an expanded range of ideas and possibilities in a serendipitous way.
 3-[b]Sculptris [/b]:thumbsup:
 sculpting tool that has been developing since early  December 2009. Its main feature is dynamic mesh tessellation that will  provide additional detail where necessary, 


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here’s my favorite tool:

Pixarra Twisted Brush

there’s a completely free edition :arteest:


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Sumopaint already here…?

It has some nice features and it is still in somekind of progress and has new features every now and then.