Free 3D Tutorial E-Book


Hi all, My name is Andrew Suryadi. Been 10 years in 3d industry now and it’s about time for me to share what i have :slight_smile:

I want to share my E-book as a free download.

What you will learn in this more than 100 pages of E-book tutorials is :

  • The art of composition
  • Lighting composition
  • Value & Color
  • The making of : Matte Painting & 3d environment
  • Tips & trick on how to peel the wall & modeling destruction in 3ds max
  • How to set an effective lighting setup
  • Realistic render in Maya

and many more…

please visit Memento Animation to download the E-book.

Hope it will be useful for you and please give me some feedback once you have read it so i can improve for my next book in the future.

Thank you and enjoy :smiley: