Francis Andalis (FX on remote) talks about his work with Plastic Wax


Cedar Thokme of interviewed one of our community’s new talent, Francis Andalis, on doing freelance
FX work by remote. First let’s have a peek at Francis FX Reel


Francis Allan Andalis: Hello, first, let me thank you for giving me an opportunity to be interviewed. I am Francis Allan Andalis, FX Artist here in the the Philippines. As of now, I am a contractor at Plastic Wax, a versatile VFX studio based in Australia. Compared with other countries, I think the Philippines has a good potential in the industry. There are not many feature films here that require heavy VFX, there is only seasonal demand for them. Mostly, films with VFX are produced during the month of December as an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival. In my opinion, most CGI/VFX here are used for TV Commercials, and this industry continues to improve due to new technology (computers and softwares) and talent. Also, with Ubisoft having a base here, among other players, I can say that the gaming industry has a bright future as well.
[b] (Cedar Thokme)
: please give cebas a few interesting insights into your recent FX projects (GoldenWolf and PlasticWax) that you have derived great satisfaction working on, and something on how the creative idea originated and your role in the project.

[/b]Francis: working with projects from Plasticwax is enriching! There are great game trailers to work on and the workflow is a bit different compared with the projects I worked on locally. We make use of automated and collaboration tools. I gained significant learning from this and enjoyed it as well. As for Goldenwolf, I only worked for a very short stint on a project.

I have been a contractor at Plasticwax for almost a year and we worked on numerous AAA projects. I enjoyed working on all of the projects but I can say that Civilization VI - Rise and Fall is one of my favorites. I was one of the FX Artists who worked on the Tbilisi battle scene. I worked on diverse shots, from wall impact explosions, trebuchets - stationary fires/smoke and fireballs, fire arrows, etc. It is a bit hard to work on considering the scale of the scene, but very fulfilling seeing the final output.Please access the full New Talent Feature Story and more images at

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