Forum terribly straining on the eyes now?


Ever since the “re-design” the forum has just been unbearable for me to read. I find that it’s terribly straining on the eyes. Both the index page and content of the threads have this issue. The new fonts, text sizes, layout and colors are just awful. Before, the graphic design was excellent and the site was a pleasure to read. It’s a real shame when things that aren’t broken get “fixed” to their demise. Really makes one appreciate the nuance and fragility of good graphic design.

Maybe it’s just my eyes, but I don’t notice an issue anywhere else. Anyone else share this sentiment?


We hired a new Graphics team but updates will take a while.

Feel free to post a screen grab of the problem pages and what browser you are using.

We switched to a darker theme as many of our users use the site inside the studio.
I Think it needs lightened a bit and a touch more contrast but I don’t assume my taste are everyone’s

I personally hate our White Uploader on the forum as it goes full screen and lights up the room.
No use in complaining about it though as it and many other areas will be updated soon.

feel free to give us some of your specs though I know opera doesn’t display text correctly


The old site is the template. The graphic design, specifically the readability, was excellent. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Refer back to screenshots if you have any.

The text in the threads is especially bad, which is ironic since it’s the most important part of the entire site. The font is bad or too small or too thin or too lite or some combination of all those. The text here is far more legible. That would be a great start.

The sub-forum and thread index pages are hard to read as well. The second most important elements of the site. I’m not a graphic designer, but I’d venture that the vertical spacing and the contrast of the lettering is making it hard to read. Text that’s spaced too far apart makes yours eyes jump from line to line. That’s straining. The size of the font and brightness also cause eye strain. Make it smaller and dimmer.