Forum Protocol and Goals.


Hello everyone. I want to personally welcome you to the Electric Image Forum. I have a couple of things I’d like to discuss with everyone who wishes to participate in this forum.

First off, let’s talk about protocol and decorum. We’re all adults here…well maybe not everyone, but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and treat you like an adult. Be mature and follow the standard rules and guidelines of the CG Talk forum and we’ll get along great. Should you insist on engaging in irrational flame wars, program bashing, gossip, rude or offensive comments, overly critical or judgmental remarks towards users’ works, discussions about obtaining illegal software, or you just wanna start trouble, you’re gonna hear from me. I’ll give you a chance to clear the air, but if you continue wrongful behavior I will take action.

Secondly, I want to talk about the purpose and goals for this forum. This forum is a place for EI users to gather and share ideas, display artwork, seek advice and critique, trade techniques and evaluate new software and plugins. I encourage new users to post your questions so I or another user can try to answer them. I can get pretty busy at times, so it may take a little while, just hang in there.

I also see this forum as a method to increase public awareness for Electric image. A number of 3D artists believe this software to be defunct. Not so. Since the buy out from Play, EITG has focused its energy in advancing the program into the 21st century. Version 6.5r2 is an incredible piece of software. However, with all of their energies focused on modernizing the program, and now updating it to run on the new Mactels, little effort has been made to outreach to potential new markets. It should be understood that this is MY OPINION. Whatever EITG’s marketing plans are is their business, not mine. However, I personally have the goal to bring potential new users to our community. The reason for this is simple. I want to ensure the continuation of the program and see advancements of new technologies in EIAS because of an increase in marketshare. That being said, this forum WILL NOT become a giant advertisement. I invite users of other software to chime in and ask questions (should you wish) about EIAS but I wont get into long winded debates of why xyz package is better or worse than EIAS.

Finally I want to extend my knowledge about how to break into the film industry to all users who desire to know. If this midwestern boy from Oklahoma can work his way into the film industry…SO CAN YOU! I will share my experiences from Skywalker Ranch, ILM, Digital Domain, and Sony with you…but I wont get into company comparisons, give away potential trade secrets, or engage in backbiting. Because of the work I do, I’ve signed a lot of NDAs. Live with it.

Ok! That should do it. Thanks again and enjoy!


With all the recent questionable rhetoric on the EI and CGTalk Forums, I’d like to once again emphasize the continued need for courtesy and politeness between users while in dialog with each other.

Managing a forum can be difficult to read every post and every comment. Things can slip by and one thing leads to the other and next thing you know feelings are hurt, people are mad, and our inner egos go into attack mode. Let us all continue to work hard in a spirit of cooperation and consideration towards each other in order to respect the incredibly talented individuals we all are.

If you have questions or concerns about potential issues, please contact me directly via private message. I will gladly assist to take corrective action where necessary and/or open discussion to ensure peace is maintained on this board.

Remember: Most issues can be resolved without hearsay, personal attacks, and spiteful grumbling. I expect all EI CGtalk readers to assist in these endeavours and even remind me of these very words should I get out of hand or fail to intercede in time.

Thanks again for your cooperation.