FORUM PRIMER: The Unofficial Truth about The Industry


wow, thanks for the post. this was very informative.


Yes, I do agree with you for the most part. I guess it depends on the situation. Under my circumstances, I’m in the process of building my reel anyway…so working for nothing other than having pieces to add to my reel only benefits me. :slight_smile:

Now, if the circumstances were different…say I already had a reel that I was happy with and ready to go, so to speak, then I’d definitely wouldn’t even consider an unpaid internship and hold off and see if my reel would be good enough to land me that first job.


[color=white]I am a 3D artist fortunate to have the opportunity of waking up each and every morning loving going to work.

I appreciate the time you have placed forth in writing this FAQ doc. I will definitely pass it around. I myself went through what you have described and more…I now teach at the Academy of Art University and as a student there I learned early on about the value of knowing the proverbial “One will get, what one puts in” let me tell you. It was not easy. All the effort, the sleepless nights, the no food in the fridge, the going home at 3:00am after a 20 hour day at the lab etc…

I am now starting to enjoy the fruits of my labor. It was all worth it and I would do it again in a heat beat. My only hope is to be able to walk that same path inspiring a new generation of CG artists, leaving with them the concepts of perseverance, good attitude, and high energy. Just like you and many others have done in the past. Ed Kemper, Eric Spimfy, Jessi Lanou…





Alright, I just updated the main post to include a few more questions including software and internship questions. If anyone has anymore, post them here and I’ll add them. Also went through and formatted the original post a little bit to make it easier to read.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


That was a very interesting read,it cleared up so many things for me,thanks!I have a question:
Since you’re a prof,could I send my work to you so you can crit it (mainly 3d animation)?


fantastic stuff dc… really appreciate this


Very well summed up in the last paragraph of the FAQ. Whilst at Hensons Digital, that’s exactly what I’d be looking for. The only thing that I’d add is that, if you don’t get the job, remember, it may be nothing to do with your talent or experience but that your personality may not quite fit in to the team that’s been put together. That may sound odd, but it is a factor and it’s one you can’t do much about. Good luck to all.


Thanks for such a great post -dc-!

I have one additional question though - I understand the type of work that should be on a demo reel for modelling, animation or rigging but what about for FX jobs?

Also, if I wanted to create a reel to show my rigging skills but don’t have fantastic modelling skills then is there anywhere that I can get models? or should I still do the modelling myself? (even if it doesn’t portray my best work?)

My degree was Computer Science so I don’t know many people who would be able to help me out with the modelling aspect.

Advice from anyone would be hugely appreciated!

Thanks again



Hey, a quick question, Ive just graduated. I have a short film…now my situation is this I obiously want to get out there, but like many student I’ve finnished university with VERY little cash…now do you think its a good Idea to sent my film cv and coverletter out there, if I get an interview…then cool I can get the cash to get to it…however my problem is I wont be able to move closer to the job…Hense my reluctance to send it, right now Im interected in 2 things

1 Geting my name out there

2 Geting the experiance

…I cant be the only graduate in this situation there must have been people who finnished Uni/Collage with no money left and managed to get out there,

PS. Some GREAT information there, and for someone like me, its all gold…cheers




Awesome post - absolutely, I think we need a stickie…


Thank goodness this was posted as a single post that can be referred to. Now hopefully we won’t get any many repeated threads on the subject.

Thank you.


thanx for such valuable guidence, i really need such kind of help as i m begining my career.


Hey there -dc-,
Ive read the thread, its just what i always wanted…thank you very much indeed, but theres one question that i want to ask, and its specific to my case, which is, Im currently doing my b.e degree in mechanical engineering, and i want to go into 3d as a profession. I have pretty good knowledge(self taught) of Max, and im also learning maya, Im confident about doing well in this field since thats what i love doing.
My question is, Is it required for me to get another degree which is an art degree? cos it really concerns me, do i need to get a bfa degree for a job, or would it suffice if i work on my skills from now on and get better at 3d animation by either self learning or private training?

I know there are a millions and zillions of people asking questiosn regarding degrees, and trust me, if had a clear answer i wouldnt have posted at all. I have searched the forums, but didnt find the answer im looking for… if this question (specific to the b.e degree) has been answered, then kindly let me know and i will be off!

To put it in one line: Will it be an issue if i only have a B.engg degree if i ever want a job in 3d? ( portfolios and demo reels, yes i know they matter most) .
Thats all i need to know, and im not bothering any of you again (hopefully :slight_smile:


while i understand that schooling is not an absolute MUST, dont most animators at the bigger, more well known studios such as dreamworks, sony, etc. do in fact have schooling since the projects are much more heavy and more nuanced skills are required that are almost impossible to self-teach??


Whoa. Just wanna say that was a really good read and it made somethings clear in my mind.

Many thanks :slight_smile:


Excellent read!! Thanks so much for the truly honest advice.


thanks for the advice -dc- :thumbsup:

I have another question: what about the non-US student?
is there any possibility that they find a work in US?



To put it in one line: No. And you are darn right about what matters most.



Thanks Anand… So what do you think sholud i do next? I really wanna get into the profession…Im going to US soon after i grad…
Thanks again…

PS: Cute KID!


hey adi, what areas of CG interest you?

having a programming BG would be a plus as it would help in scripting tools in CG…

if its animation you want to do…and if you can afford it…then i recommend joining a school teaching animation…

do let know what your interests are…lighting, special effects, animation, scripting, modelling…


ps -thanks, thats my three and half year kid…