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Yikes! A very good read, but noticing the edits and updates are a bit scary as a person whom now has been in college and is starting on that whole job thing soon! Passion and talent are great and nothing will be changing my mind about what I love and strive for, but it is a scary thought about how things have in a sense, seemed to change. :shrug:


Thank goodness this was posted as a single post that can be referred to. Now hopefully we won’t get any many repeated threads on the subject.



Dissertation writing is nothing less than a daunting task. Many students find problems in the same and thus have to look for academic assistance by the experts.

A Research task is an assignment which is completely based on research work conducted by an individual. As it is a research work thus the information and explanations provided should be relevant and backed by proper statements. Any candidate should make their dissertation paper interesting so as to attract more readers. The first step of creating, constructing and presenting an interesting dissertation is to select an appropriate topic. Selection of topic decides the importance of the dissertation to the readers. Then is the information and field work explanation provided. The entire dissertation is directly dependent on the topic as it decides the nature, style, format and type of writing. In short we can say that the topic is the backbone of the entire dissertation paper.

Selection of a proper topic depends on the understanding of the topic and the availability of proper and relevant information. Any research work requires efforts from the candidate and explanations in an easy way and if the topic is easy and creative then the candidate also get interest in finding facts about the topic to make the dissertation creative, interesting and full of unknown facts and information. Certain creative and innovative topics for dissertation are:

Culture and fashion: it brings out the recent trends and fashion following the culture and custom.

Economics and environment: it deals with the development and growth of economy with the positive and negative impact of development in the economy.

Finance and accounting: this studies the impact of finance and accounting in any organization and how proper management of accounting can lead to prevention of unnecessary causes leading to loss in any organization.

Human resource management: this field is one of the most prospering divisions which helps in managing the population and provide employment opportunities to the deserving along with management of the labor force in any organization.

Literature and history: literature which brings out the history and culture of any community. Any research paper that deals with the literature and history describes the ancient and traditional customs and cultures and provides a detail research on the facts that gave birth to customs and cultures.
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Does somebody know how can i set up a company in Singapore?