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Hey Folks,

I used to visit this forums 2 or 3 times a day. Now I spread it across EIAS3D and once in a blue at EITG. At this rate will this forum be shut down by cgsociety? Is Richard or Alonzo our new forum support to keep this alive?

Where do you check your EI forums at if not here?


Hi Wilson,

as far as i remember Richard decided not to become a moderator and Alonzo does no longer support the EIAS forum here.

However, a really nice place to check out and join is IMO Alonzo’s new Facebook group!



Hi Everyone. Richard is helping out at EIAS3D and Alonzo has decided to spread his time across Facebook, EIAS3D and here (at least the last time we chatted). As for a CGTalk moderator, the CGSociety will allow us to keep this board alive (though in legacy status) for as long as there is some sort of activity going on. Thus I will stay on board, as moderator, to monitor that. If the community here were to re-energize itself somehow, I could petition to get this forum re-instated as an active forum…but that will really depend on how well (or if) the EIAS3D team can raise EIAS’ market share again. EIAS will have to become a much more popular product for that to happen I would imagine.

I am willing to try and take on more of an active role here again, but I can’t do it alone. Essentially I would imagine that either the EITG forum or this forum will eventually fade away. I can’t see the two co-existing…and EITG is pretty much out of the picture at this point. (Unless they eventually release Tesla)

If folks want to keep this community going I’ll support it. But I’ll need your help.



Does anyone get the same message?




It’s a different address for a new EI.

I’m curious what they’ll do. I find EI very useful.



Hey Brian,

I’m looking forward to the new EIAS. It has so much to offer already, and the current owners have a long history with it and a ton of capability. I’m certain they’re making improvements. I’m glad you’re still going to be here. I’ll be here as well.



I get the same message too. I don’t know if that means EITG is taking down its site or not. They may be rebuilding it… I still have no idea what they plan to do with what’s left of their product line. Tesla and Amorphium’s futures are unknown.


I think it’s important to clearly note that I was never put into position as co-moderator of the forum. There was no acknowledgment or a statement saying so. We both have professional careers so I do understand being busy, but I was never enlisted. So the duties of moderating were never passed on to me. Also, I don’t know if there is special moderating privileges passed on to me that would technically enable account to do certain moderator duties. e.i. Blacklisting.

Speaking of blacklisting…I was recently blacklisted from the posting in ANY CGTalk by Leigh. I posted a small, trite comment speaking in favor of unpaid internships. I have done a couple that I can currently say were beneficial to the success of my career now. Immediately after the post another member verbally attacked calling me “Idiots” and other innuendoes about slavery. It was absolutely CRAZY. LOL. I responded and other members as well stating that the comments were irrate, undignified and unnecessary. Leigh, the moderator, then prompted me to dignify the post by responding instead of reprimanding the irrate poster. She even said I was the one ranting and was insulting. I respectfully questioned her about her assessment of his actions then obliged her as a moderator. She ignored him, then banned me from posting in the midst of the CGTalk Modeling Challenge to honor Frank Frazetta that I decided to participate in.

Brian and I have talk a lot but it had been about him helping to resolve the behavior of this moderator. Brian has been a great help, very fair, honest, level-headed and full of intergrity when dealing with the Leigh the self proclaimed “Panagalactic Overlord”. The thread is probably still there so everyone can see I am not being disruptive and she is not a good moderator anymore. You don’t censor or blacklist members because they like internships and you don’t.

Anyhow, water under the bridge, I said this to say that I have not been negligent or slacking in my duties. I was never given moderator status thus never performed as one then this craziness happened. I appealed to Brian who has now taking on the duties of handling abuse by moderators that I will not be posting in ANY CGTALK forum, sorry for the EIAS fallout especially after been unanimously nominate to moderate. However, I have never let any amount of adversity or negativity stop me from anything constructive I choose to do, so I posted my character anyhow inspite of the tom fooley. So despite the adversity I have my first female model character which I am pleased to finally have my first one.
Brian did all he could do and went to bat for me concerning the obvious poor judgement of the moderator. Just the mere fact that he kickbacked show you can’t just step on people. I really appreciate that Brian I offically let that go now. I’ll admit, the fact that I was not officially pulled on as moderator and then the forum went down had me a little miffed at Brian because I felt I could have help saved it from happening. Ok that’s questionable, and it’s not Brian or my fault that the forum went down. It’s Participation. Joining challenges, posting work and I do that. Anyhow after Brian came to my aid, I forgave, the whole situation including backlisting.

I HAD TURNED MY BACK on the CGTALK because they first, archived the forum then blacklisted. However after continuing to meet my goals as an artist, posting, participating, so I made my own forum and Chatgroup on FaceBook which anyone is welcome to join.

It’s not competitive, its just a network, it really only started because of my business needs to communicate with directors and producers that I currently work with but it’s growing. It’s about business and learning tho.

AVT Pro 3D

Frazetta Challenge


PS. Unlike CGTALK, On my forum if you call someone an idiot you will get blacklisted, not the person you called one. LOL.


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