Formula Object (Deformer) Manual mode Broken in C4D R21?


I’m not sure if something changed and I’m not using it properly or this is a bug, but it seems that the “manual” mode of the formula object no longer works in R21.

Here’s an example in R19, behaving exactly as expected:

And here’s the same thing in R21.115:

Please test this for yourself and let me know if you experience the same problem.


Seems like a bug. I tested in R20 and it’s broken there too. I also tested Y Radial in the Effect dropdown and it works, but if you copy the actual formula Sin((u+t)*2.0*PI)*0.2 into Y in Manual mode it doesn’t work.

Report to Maxon if you can.


I just did. I can’t believe something so fundamental to my workflow would go unnoticed for so long. I guess not many people use explicit formulas all the time like I do.


The representative I talked with confirmed it was a bug introduced in R20, as you suspected. He said that there is no workaround at the moment. I don’t know when it will be fixed, but I will report back here when it is.