Forkroot to Unity


Hey guys

Trying to get some growing blood vessels into a VR project in Unity. I’m using and old plugin called Forkroot to generate the growth. Exporting straight to FBX creates an empty file. I can export to Alembic and bring it back in, that has the full animation in Cinema, then export to FBX but it only shows the last frame When I bring the fbx into Cinema or Unity. Does not bring in the full animation data. Under a deadline to show the client by Friday. Any ideas to accomplish this is greatly appreciated. I can post the alembic file to anyone who wants to take a crack at it.




Replying to my own post, It’s looking like Nitrobake is the answer. More shortly after we try it.




Try using the alembic import in Unity



Tried that, didn’t work in either Unity or Unreal. Nitrobake is working for FBX, fortunately.