Forester Developer has new Plugin


Don’t recall if this has been talked about here yet, but it looks like the Forester developer, 3DQuakers, is poised to release their latest gem, called ‘Rock Engine’.

It’s for landscapes and roads and such. Looks great, though the sheer number of settings makes using it seem a bit fussy.

It’s not for sale yet, but the release of these videos seem to indicate it’s arrival is imminent.

He’s released several videos over the past month, including this one:


Looks amazing. I just bought Gaea for exact thing and I’m not a fan at all. Total waste for me.
This looks far more intuitive.


Also have Gaia (for Unity for those that don’t know). I liked it when I used it a year ago.

What I don’t see here–that Gaia has–is the ability to bring in height map data from real world data or from image data. There’s more he hasn’t shown yet, though, to be sure.

I have World Machine so I’m not sure I’ll be buying this. Looks cool though.


In the case of terrains I’m not sure that there is a ton of advantage of building inside c4d versus importing an asset.

And there are some great tools out there: WorldMachine, WorldCreator, etc. Though I purchased World Machine…the one I wish I had is World Creator. I might use such a tool 4 or 5 times a year max, so ease-of-use reigns supreme. World Machine is bewildering overkill for 99.99% of people. I open it up and completely forget how to use it. It’s powerful but bewildering.

And of course the community has had DEM Earth for some time, with real world data. Super easy, but results aren’t real sexy. You aren’t going to get rich detail.

If 3DQuakers ships this with a high price tag…does it makes the most sense to purchase? Pricing will be key to success.

For nice native c4d landscapes, good tut:


It looks to me that among the the various terrain deformers models, you have an option called “shader”. I assume that lets you bring your own heightmap, which could be generated with DEM Earth, and then lets you enhance it with erosion etc…


I bought World Creator 2 a while back. If you want large, expansive terrains, with minumum fuss, I heartily recommend it. It can produce height maps and meshes, but the OBJ files can be massive (with very large terrain models) and R20 take a while to load them. Hopefully R21 is better!


That would be a nice combo. Don’t know if it’s possible. Paul–DEM Earth dev-- is brilliant but wildy cantankerous and seems increasingly detached from improving his tools. It might be up to 3D Quakers to sort it out…make it work.


Good choice. I got seduced by The French Monkey ( He produced a line of sexy products with little more than exports from World Machine. For the occasional user World Creator is better.

What is it about the French and their little monkeys… and their uncanny ability to dupe others, year after year?!