Forest Refuge, Alex Roman (3D)


even 5 stars and an award would hardly justify this. awesome detail


can v see a wire


Exceptional images!
Can’t forget to give VRay a round of applause on this.
I too suspect photo elements in these pics. Some of the plants look way too natural to be produced by plant generating software, especially compared to the unrealistic branch to trunk junctions on a couple of the trees shown. Out of curiosity, I’d like to see a simple native render of a couple scenes without Photoshop post work to see what may be photo and what’s not.


If this is not to be animated, then I’d PS that tree with the dodgy seams.
It’s the only thing I spotted that really jars. The rest of it looks great regardless of how it was created. the chromatic abherration on the DOF is particularly convincing though unfortunately gives it the appearance of a cheap lens. In that respect the renders look like photos I took years ago on a rainy day at Goodwood sculpture park. Yes, photos! I want to see a making of!


Man, congrats! Amazing images. You have a gift for light and cameras. The postprodcution and CC are amazing too.



these renders are beautiful!


Hey folks! Thanks for so MANY WARM comments (a bit shocked!). It really means a lot :slight_smile:

First, sorry for the late reply. I’m quite busy at the moment. :frowning:

Some comments of the piece…

Grass is Vraydisplacement.
All in the views are 100% CG. No photo (except, of course textures… :rolleyes: )
There are adult, middle and young kind of different tree species plus bushes, flowers, fallen leaves, etc… and ALL of them are Vray proxies …there’s no other way

About the damned brach, yes i know! :sad: It’s because of onyx self-topology. I’m trying to fix it… will see
And yes, there are a lot of billions polys so i’ve to render it with x64 system (it took about 5-6GB of memory)

Both cloudy and late afternoon were lit by an HDRI enviroment (Hyperfocal) and the clear version it’s just VraySun + VraySky. All LWF.

And finally AE for color correction, glows, DOF, etc…

THNX once more. I’m really glad to hear about those wonderful comments!!!

Ups, here are some wires…

Kind regards,


wooow great wire


wow! a bunch of the most awesome renders i’ve seen!!

agree with this comment, you have some amazing skills!
Keep up the fascinating works!


awesome! your images are really special


Great Work! 5 stars.




One word: SICK!

Dude , by far best exterior shot I’ve ever seen.


simply the best ^^

What plug-in do you use in AE for dof, color correct, …?
Write a tutorial lol


what the hell!!! IT’S ALL 3D!!!goddamm…sorry for my suspeciousness,dude! insane work!

the colorbalance and the lighting is totally awesome!

I use onyx myself and this is really inspiring!

5* of course!


You’re a genius …
I love it when everyone have the same tools but few know how to use it … and you’re on the top of them … Your work is really unique …


very impressive! lot of geometry, nice use of blur. excellent lighting, though contrast is high:)


Nothing to say… great photos! :thumbsup:


Absolutley impressively amazing work.

It is more than photoreal, the post processing is fantastic, the pictures have a soul, an atmosphere, a depth that are thrilling.

I really beg you to give us as many details as you can (and as you want of course), I’d really love to understand, and maybe, one day, reach your master (god?) level !

Thank you very much ! :thumbsup:


Great theme choice, beautyfull way of rendering it. Sooo beautyfull. Congrats for this tough challenge, very well done.

Oh, and 5 stars, this is so obvious!