For Newbies


Hey! I’m a newbie here… I am doing a diploma in 2d/3d ANIMATION and VFX from Frameboxx Animation and right now I’m a bit confused about what to choose between 3d,2d or VFX…I am good at sketching but I also love the mesmerizing visual effects and want to create a 3d model too! I am currently experimenting all kinds of stuff related to this industry… But I am struck to what to choose as a career…I want to do all things and become a generalist… And I know that sounds crazy as u have to be only specialized in one subject…I know it depends on the interest levels…but I love all things to do even cinematography … which is I think is like off-road from 3d and vfx…lol …I just want to know about your own experiences and struggles when u were a newbie… so I can relate to those and finally stick to one thing! Thanks!