Folder of files to asset browser


Just switched to R25 and miss the content browser already. Is it possible to add a folder with cinema4d files to the asset browser. In former content browser I was able to add a folder. I don’t want to make a preset library because some folder do change from time to time.


Hi Birdy, Regarding your query I don’t think there is any chance of adding a new folder to the asset browser. However, you can definitely access the content browser as it will be provided with a following update any time soon.


The content browser is no more in R25


Don’t quote me on that, as I don’t have R25, but I’d swear I’ve seen a demo (Chris Schmidt’s maybe) where he was showing off the new interface, and the asset browser was very much still here (albeit in a different place").

Given how they communicate on new regular content updates (I guess it’s easier than features updates), that’d be foolish to remove it.


Not sure about a folder but you can definitely import .lib4ds and individual projects to the asset browser


The “asset browser” is totally different than the “content Browser”
S24 had both, R25 only has the “asset browser”


Stick with v24 then until Maxon get their act back together.

I remember C4D as the (relatively) easy to get into 3D application. That philosophy is long gone it seems.


Forgive my ignorance, as I’m not on 24/25… but It seemed to me that anything the old content browser (legacy) could do, you could do as well (and better) in the new asset browser… including creating a new folder (category) without a problem.

What is it exactly that you’re missing?


I played with it for the last week. It took a lot of time to get my complete Content Browser into the Asset Browser.
I am quite happy with it now.
Also the new dynamic palettes is a great option.
Th app is getting better and better.
I don’t agree with Rikof though.