Fluid sim: RealFlow or X-particles?


It’s work-in-progress…


I cant really tell what Im looking at, looks interesting though!


Haha, yeah, it’s just an illustration that X-Particles’ Foam + Motion Blur allow for a look, that is quite different to the typical “meshed fluid sim”. Of course, it’s far from the visual complexity of your supposed Krakatoa workflow (which I admire a lot!), but for me these ‘fakey’ results are good enough. It’s easy to setup, quite performant and everything is parametric and flexible…


Indeed, parametric and flexible is also my preference. Karakatoa is also parametric, it updates your sims on ‘recache’, but for this purpose I understand were you are coming from.


I bought it.


I hope you like it, too. Be sure to check out the training videos, I thought they were really good to get up to speed…