Flower Girl


This is a concept sketch of an image I want to put together for Expose 2. I know there is not much time, but now that they extended the deadline, I think I have a shot at getting it finished in time.

I have a half finished model of a woman that I used for the concept sketch. I plan to finish her head and face modeling and texturing, then create the flowers and leaves.

What do you all think of the idea? Please comment and critique.

Oh and yes I used the photoshop leaf brush…I just wanted to get my idea down quickly.


For me, this could be a very peaceful scene. I think she should have a contented expression on her face, a slight curl to her closed lips (or mostly closed) that show she is relaxed. IMHO.


It’s a nice concept image a good idea, I would assume that the final face of the character would be more expressive but its looking good so far.


Yes I agree about the expression. I would like her to have a “barely-there” smile on her lips and the rest of her face to be completely relaxed. I will be working on the face modeling tonight and will post a progress sketch. I found a lot of good textures so I think I will use those maps to make a collage type sketch until I have time to build the leaves.

Thank you both for your feedback. Please keep the crits coming. :slight_smile:


i really like the concept, i think this is a very artistic picture, is going to be a real piece of art when is done so please keep updated this thread , dont want to miss any step on creating this piece of art,


Thanks Rattlesnake!

Looks like I will miss the Expose2 deadline for sure.

I have been editing the model, textures, and lighting of the girl. I modeled the base leaf as well but have not textured it yet.

Things are moving slowly. I thought I would have some more to post by now. I will post more in a few days.


Finally I had a bit of time to work on this. The leaf texture is close to final but I have yet to write the code to randomly scale/duplicate/rotate and arrange the leaves. This is just a quick test placing some duplicates by hand to get the general idea of what it will look like.

The girl is not texture mapped yet but I did finally get around to touching up the modeling. I know her eyeballs are placed a bit off, but I figure it’s ok for now as they will be covered by flowers eventually.



Hello swad

Full frontal of a face is one of the most difficult things to pull off. I remember the the studio would resound with desperate groans when a job like this would come in :slight_smile: It would mean making the eyes something special to carry the illustration. Anyhow if not for a competition entry you might try messing around with shooting the face from different angles just to see what would happen.

Greetings kanga


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