Floaty clones from custom shape?


Hi There,

I’ve been trying to figure this out and it seemed like a simple thing to do when I thought of it :smiley:

I have an object that I’ve volume filled with some cloned spheres and then switched off the object to reveal a custom shape made of spheres.

Now I want to somehow have the spheres drift away from the shape but from one direction as if it’s slowly coming apart.

The idea is to save the animation, reverse it and then it would look like the shape is building itself from the side of the frame to the centre.

I’ve tried attracters, explosions etc but still can’t get it to look right?

Does anyone have any ideas or have seen a tutorial of this sort of idea?

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How about a plain effector with a random field and a linear field (also possibly a push apart)? You could animate the position of the linear field to control the effect. the random field could be set with an animation speed to give some random, floaty motion.floaty_clones.c4d (147.6 KB)


I love this. even if I totally misunderstood the OP question and gave a stupid answer, I still thought about the question, wrote a reply and uploaded an example file. The response? nothing…


Hi, So so sorry about lack of reply, I watched all day and just saw lots of views but no replies and started to give up on it. I ended up just using a simple explosion on the model but this wasn’t what I was after.

I saw yesterday I had a reply but didn’t open it because I have a crazy family that won’t leave me alone for one second (shouldn’t complain), this is my first moment of peace.

However your answer was exactly what I was looking for, with a little tweak here and there.
I rotated the linear field made it a bit wider and I think I’m there.Virus explosion.c4d (588.5 KB)

Thanks again for your response, I can get this project back on track again :smiley:



Thanks for your reply (and apologies for my tone - there’s a lot going on for me right now). Very glad to hear this was close to the solution you were looking for.


No thanks again and I’ve also noticed the cool jittering that you also applied to make the balls come alive. Really fits with what I was trying to achieve.