flipped joints


I have a animation file that was exported from motionbuilder to Maya and back to motionbuilder, and when I characterize the model and plot the animation to its control rig I get a twisted joints. does anyone know how to fix this issue its been driving me crazy for a week already.

p.s wont be able to post any screenshots of my condition as the data I’m working on is confidential


i have seen something similar coming from MB to Max. ankles and wrists are twisted around.

i contacted Autodesk a while back…at the time they didn’t have a solution for me.

i had to uninstall service packs to get rid of it (not the best solution, but it did seem to work.)

if you find a better solution please post it here :slight_smile:

i wonder if it had to do with the version of fbx? hmmm just a guess


bilbob, I got mine solved by adding a T-pose keyframe to the beginning of the animation. I’m not sure if that solves your problems tho