Flip skinned character by X


Is it possible to easy “flip” skinned character by X and “rebuild” it so it can be normaly used for animation?
I’m afraid that simple Mirror function might broke every aspect of the character.

it bothers me for like 10 years and I can’t find good solution


what do you want to ‘flip’?
bones? skin? mesh?


I would say both. skinned mesh with bones. I don’t have rig system just yet — I just need do the mirror first


You have an obvious confusion in the sequence of actions or in the arguments.
if you already have a Skin, then it means there is a Rig.
In this case, your question should be: “How can I flip a character?

Also, if you say ‘flip’ instead of ‘mirror’ that means your skeleton and mesh are not symmetrical. Right?

  1. by rig I mean this - bones, mesh, weights and controlers for animation:

  2. by skin or skinned character I mean only bones with mesh:

I have second case - only skin. Skeleton and bones are not symmetrical. mirror or flip - doesn’t matter for me - both do the same thing :slight_smile: