Flip skinned character by X


Is it possible to easy “flip” skinned character by X and “rebuild” it so it can be normaly used for animation?
I’m afraid that simple Mirror function might broke every aspect of the character.

it bothers me for like 10 years and I can’t find good solution


what do you want to ‘flip’?
bones? skin? mesh?


I would say both. skinned mesh with bones. I don’t have rig system just yet — I just need do the mirror first


You have an obvious confusion in the sequence of actions or in the arguments.
if you already have a Skin, then it means there is a Rig.
In this case, your question should be: “How can I flip a character?

Also, if you say ‘flip’ instead of ‘mirror’ that means your skeleton and mesh are not symmetrical. Right?

  1. by rig I mean this - bones, mesh, weights and controlers for animation:

  2. by skin or skinned character I mean only bones with mesh:

I have second case - only skin. Skeleton and bones are not symmetrical. terms “mirror” or “flip” - doesn’t matter what to use - both do the same thing :slight_smile:


Hello, can you guys help me with this?
it’s really important for me for long time


you say that you want to mirror (flip) all : bones, mesh, weights and controllers for animation

do you know … it’s hard. the most complicated part is to mirror a rig (controllers, constraints). because there is no a common or universal way to do it. it’s very specific for every setup. And of course it’s almost impossible to suggest anything without seeing the rig.


BTW… what is the reason to mirror the rig? probably because it’s not symmetrical (as I can guess). The easier to change change bones size, locations than flip all.


talking about a flipping a mesh we say it’s very simple. to flip the skin is also not a big deal (taking into account that the rig is already flipped). the most complicated part is to find source-target vertex pairs for not symmetrical mesh. But again the task might be more simple if the mesh has topological symmetry for example. which we don’t know


In my previous post I said that I have only skin, bones and mesh(es). nothing more
so I want to mirror only them


you say bones. positions only? or full transform with controller? it’s a big difference

mesh… show the mesh if you can. it will help


here’s it, just bones, weights and meshes

her’s it im max


skeleton looks symmetrical… is it just slightly off? why do you need to mirror the bones?


sometimes I got models from my friends with left hands on the right side and right hands on the opposite side. same with legs and all other parts. also mesh is flipped.

that’s why I looking for a way to fully flip them by X


i’ve sent you a message


hello, is there any news? I thought I might understand wrong your “Follow the thread on the forum where I will be telling about a possible pipeline” and missed where you post the solution