Flip Fluid Explosion?


So coming from RealFlow I’m trying to basically make a fluid “splat”

The way I would do that in RF would be to make a filled volume sphere, and then I would put some collision geo in the middle of it and quickly scale it up and down in say four frames.

I tried doing that with the "Flip Fluid from Object’ but it didn’t work exactly right.

Am I going about this the wrong way?

Thanks for any help


Well I’ve gotten a shape that is what I want… I’m using a flip emission from a sphere and just adding some velocity and curl.

The issue I’m having now is… the particles aren’t dying (even though I set their life expectancy to 0) and I’m not sure if the emission is stopping.

I set the velocity to keyframe over two frames 1 to 0 so… at 0 velocity the emission should stop correct?

If there’s another way to do this I’m all ears.



turn off reseeding on the particle motion tab inside the Flip Solver.


Cool man thanks :slight_smile: