Flight sim 2013


I made a flight simulator in xpresso a few years back. It took me weeks to get up and running properly… But i was happy with the results…

Much has changed in c4d since then, from proper dynamics, python integration & even aerodynamics. So i’ve decided it’s time for me to see what i can get running in R14. I’ll be putting a few days aside to see what i can do and i’ll be posting the results here…

Simulating flight 2019 with a spitfire

I will be looking forward to your resultat. Will it have a record option and a bake function?


excellent Mike :slight_smile: . is it ‘keyboard or pad driven’ and rendered in real time ?


As i’m working with the dynamics module, everything can be baked. As for the controls so far i’m using cappuccino & mouse movements…

I’ve had R14 for ages but haven’t really gotten stuck into it as i was mid project…

So this is my first test.

I was testing out a couple of things. The ground collision, the motion blur of the physical renderer, & the aerodynamic model.


Nice snow surface 8). As pilot I must say that the wobbly prop is a real issue for concern 8). It makes me nervous looking at it… IN any case, this is looking great!


totally agree - needs shock loading at any case before I want to enter that cockpit :slight_smile:
Looks like he got a ground loop during test runs …


Only a hardware render here and still no sound. I have fixed the wobbly prop though…

I’ve been busy testing out the flight model & in order to get a proper feeling for the plane i’ve added some flight instruments. The flight model works surprisingly well, even down to the torque from the engine pulling the ac to one side. The plane gets off the ground a little too easy but other than that i’m very happy so far.


Next i’m thinking of adding a secondary flight control for rudder & throttle as well as getting the undercarriage to retract…


That looks great! Real flight simulators are not really a lot of fun… Keep it a tad unrealistic in favor of fun! Shooting balloons would be fun at one stage 8). And considering that there are aircraft which have the aileron and the ruder coupled… You could ‘legally’ take a shortcut…
Can’t wait for more! Great results!


Good thinking mate. But i think i will keep the rudder separate for this guy, to refine his flight path in a second run.

I’ve corrected the scale today as it was a bit on the small side i wanted to see if that had any effect on the dynamics. But it didn’t.

That said though as soon as i’m happy with this (and i’m already getting close). I’ll be making a helicopter simulator. It will be more complicated, especially the controls and there is a fair chance his yaw and roll will get linked…


So here we go here is my newest version. Getting there now, got a lot more going on behind the scenes. More controls & options, from rudder, throttle, undercarriage etc.

Speaking of which I finally got the undercarriage working, but i have a gimble lock issue of the wheels flipping during take off, i’ll work it out. I had trouble manually moving dynamic objects (any tricks anyone knows on that subject would be welcome).



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