Flicker Issues with Messiah


Hey Lost…what kind of videocard do you have now.
My 7600 broke, so I have a 9600 and did as you suggested however I get minor flicker inthe item list (instead of opengl window)…anything else to fine tune it.


Mine is an 8800 GTX… I don’t know of any other settings that may help, but it could be a driver version issue as well. So basically what I did to figure out the problem was try different versions and in each version I tried turning on/off things until I exhausted the possibilities. Then I picked the best combo. I’m currently running ForceWare version 175.16 as drivers for the card. Hope that helps!



Never had this issue until I have started using Windows7. I tried all the fixes but none seem to help me with my Nvidia card


Did you view this forum thread?



Now where’s that advanced tab? Is it inside messiah? I just can’t find it, especially with everything flickering, it drives me f*cking insane.


No, it is related to your video card settings, those cannot be changed inside of Messiah.

Why not use the Messiah forums at setuptab.com? There is a thread there on this very topic which actually helps and has specific information which will get you back on track. The thread can be found here:



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