Flatten polys and points


what’s the easiest way of flattening out a bunch of polys or points so they are all on the same plane?


I usually select them and scale the size in direction of the desired plane to zero (using custom workplanes, if stranger angles are needed).

But I’m just posting this to maybe trigger one of our pros here, to tell me how to really do it.


I would usually use your method, it wasn’t working, but I discovered why, I had some extra useless points in my selection, once they were deleted and I ran optimise, scaling the remaining points sorted everything out.


not sure if it’s better than the scale technique, but I use ‘set point value’ for this a lot. You can set to a particular value on an axis of average the points out…


Yes, you could use free plugin Polygrooups Flatten


Another option:

Mesh menu > brushes > Flatten.

In the attributes manager you’ll find a settings tab. Choose ’ Draw mode = Lasso fill '. Lasso the polys and they’re flat! Average normal I believe.