Flashing effect in 3ds max


Hi guys, I Need help to create a flashing effect like this. Please suggest. Thanks a lot


do you have any manners in asking for help or do you prefer to strut around making demands ?


I m so sorry, i wanted to keep it short. Didn’t know abt this, Really Really sorry. Next time onwards i’ll keep this thing in mind.


Looks like a simple animated masked emission map on top of the brain material would work. You can use any procedural noise map as the mask, just make sure the mask have a small active/white area.


i’ll try that. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


here’s a basic light flashes setup, if you want to go this route.

I don’t know what your max version is or renderer, so

  • you’ll have to setup self emitting lights like neon lights, assign this to the particles
  • do some sort of translucent material for the brain

ParticleLight_Flashes_2018.max (844 KB)


Thanks I’ll try this way too. Even the procedural noise map is producing good effect.